Happy New Year! Let the B/s Begin Anew

Well, Happy New Year everyone!! Hope you had a good one and are still in recovery . Apparently it’s also the Year of the Rooster( http://www.new-year.co.uk/chinese/calendar/rooster.htm) as well, so best wishes to all my Chinese friends, should I happen to have any.

I’m currently in Montreal as I write this, although that’s not quite exactly accurate. I’m actually off-island (WAY OFF-ISLAND) at my parents new home in the Town of Ste. Lazare. But since it’s almost impossible to find this place on a map, unless your nosey and determined, Montreal will serve as my reference point. So these kind people who are my parents were gracious enough to let me stay here, despite my being their child.

The new year brings in the same vagaries as most years past with me still trying to figure out my way in the world. I’m going (and please don’t laugh) to Rehab in February at the Donwoods Centre in North York, in a program designed for gay folk called appropriately enough, RAINBOW ADDICTION SERVICES http://www.camh.net/care_treatment/rainbow_services.html. Geez, Judy Garland sings one song with that word in the title and we’re branded for life. In this three (3) week program, which comes with gym, pool and spa (remember, gay-oriented.) I along with 9 others will compete…. (no, wait. That’s Survivor)…. ummmm, will reaffirm our desire to live a life free of undue influences (Ugh!!)

Still waiting for that new apartment somewhere in Donmount Court. That’s near Broadview and Queen in Toronto by the way. I’ve discovered recently that the area is undergoing severe reconstruction, as the City prepares itself for the next generation of poor people who are either unable or unwilling to pay the exorbitant rental rates that are allowed. So, despite my being at the top of the list, who knows how much longer I could be waiting.

So that pretty much brings me as up to date as humanly possible without going into gruesome details. That is, unless you want me to. Email for those details should you wish!!