Goodbye my friend. Nutmeg R.I.P. 2/20/05 11:20am


My dog Nutmeg was put to sleep on Sunday morning. It was one of the most difficult decisions I had to make. She was dying in front of my eyes, and that’s what influenced my decision in the end. That doesn’t make it any easier though.

She was 16 years old, a long time when you consider the age comparison. That would make her 111, and she was still going into heat every 6 mo’s. I hope I have her sexual fortitude when I get to that age.

I didn’t originally intend to get a second dog when I adopted her 10 years ago. At the time all I was concerned with was having my roommates 3 cats from Hell euthanized. I had brought a couple of boys with me, Jean, Stephan and their step brother Eric. They wanted their Dad to get them a dog for Christmas. i figured I’d help them look and put my two cents in with their father. As I wandered the adoption center, looking at all the animals there, I came across this little Cardigan Corgi. She’s been found wandering the island of Laval several days earlier, and no one had come to claim her. Her entire attention was focused on me. It was sort of disconcerting.

I went out for a smoke and went back into see what the boys were up to. They were concentrating on a pit bull puppy as i recall. The corgi was still waiting for me though, despite all the other people there. As I looked into her eyes my decision was made and that’s when Nutmeg, as I named her, came home with us.

She was the best decision I ever made looking back, and never have I had a more devoted pal. Regardless that she was a dog, she stood by me through thick and thin. No matter who was over at my place or giving her attention, she had only eyes for me. Daddy’s girl seems very apropos.

She was my best friend in the whole world, and will be sorely missed.

I loved you Nutmeg


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