Messenger 7.0 Beta (POS)

Ok. Guess MSN 7.0 must be better on systems other than Windows 98. I could have sworn there used to be a button at the top of the main page that took me straight to MSN Spaces. I had to go through a whole process just to figure out where it had gone. Gee!! Thanks for the “improvement” MSN.

And, WTF?!! are these pay for use emoticons and backgrounds?!!!! Can MSN gouge the public for any more cash than is humanly possible? There have also been rumours that MSN wants to charge you to be able to use IE as well. Can you believe the audacity if they did? They’re already getting their royalties for usage of the .net

So, altogether this latest version is a big let down. Almost makes me want to get rid of MSN Messenger, and replace it with Trillian or ICQ 4.0. At least using them is still free. Shame on you MSN and your flunky Blue Mountain!!


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