The Trial and Tribulations of Rehab

I’ve been here now for almost 3 days at the Donwoods facility of CAMH. It’s not a bad building or treatment center, although i have nothing in my experience to compare it to, with the exception of summer camp. too bad CAMH is trying to sell it, what with their desire to amalgamate the four centers spread around the city into one unit down at the former Lunatic Asylum of Ontario. they (CAMH) want to make the former asylum into one cheery nutty village

The residents are for the most part, really cool and my group itself is both fun and amusing. it’s quite amazing what subjects crop up when you put a bunch of gay guys together in a small space, and surprisingly enough it’s not an orgy (we warned that this was “frowned on” behaviour. I also have to presume that’s because the Counsellors aren’t getting any .). I will however say that the contents of the aforementioned subjects will never be slapped with anything less than an R-Rating, so please keep your children from falling within earshot. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!!!

moving on then…… I have already been brought to near orgasm by this Shiatsu Chair the facility has at it’s disposal, and I’ll be checking out the vibrating mattress today. thank goodness the sessions are only 15 minutes. Tai-Chi, the martial art that spells out wasting time if translated correctly is not fun when your instructor spends more time going over stance in 2 hours than actually do anything. i realize that we will only have this twice more in the next 3 week so really, we could do better with straight aerobics. some of the fatties could stand to lose a few pounds (guess they’re in here for weed).

we have a Council of Clients, a political sham if i ever could label one. we’re supposed to act as the voice of the residents, but no one’s really listening. it’s really there for photo ops or whatever in case someone politico comes to visit.

But again, i will reiterate that so far the experience is worth it. i have no idea what will come from this, aside from new tools to help me in my fight, but the memories i am acquiring here will be more than adequate looking back in reflection.

Stay Tuned!!!


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