Dear Crack Cocaine

Dear Crack Cocaine,


Looking back, I can say that we did have some good times together. Thinking back to the amounts we did, the ever-changing highs, the sexual exploration, and the people.

But until recently, I never noticed just how much everything we did do together was more for your benefit than mine.

I was the one who stayed up to all hours of the night, wondering and waiting for you to drop by.

I was the one who kept getting beaten up when I couldn’t keep up with your expenses.

I was the one who nearly lost my place and my property, just because you and your friends decided that they liked them more.

I have had ENOUGH!!!! I understand that your intentions were all meant in the spirit of fun, but I’m really getting nothing out of this relationship.

So do me one last favour. GO AWAY!!

I don’t hate you, since that would be placing all the blame on your shoulders when in fact I should be taking responsibility for my part in all this, but the fact is I just can’t associate with you any longer. You’re driving me to the brink, and I have too much to live for!!

By the time you read this, I’ll be gone. Don’t come looking for me. The phone number’s been changed as well and is now unlisted. I also have changed my primary email address. The people we used to call our friends, I no longer hang with or come anywhere near.

I’m certain you won’t be lonely for long. You’ve always been good at latching on to some dumb shmuck and suck the life out of him/her. Just make certain that it’s no one I know, or I’ll do EVERYTHING in my power to make you pay.

Christopher Peter King


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