Noreen’s Move

Well, the time has finally come.

Noreen, my step-grandmother, at the ripe age of 83 is being moved into the light care section of a senior citizens residence.

My mom is jubilant. She’s been trying to get Noreen into a residence for over 5 yrs. now, long before my grand-dad had passed away. At the time, neither one of them was interested in facing reality, despite some really nice places my parents had found for them. Much closer than the the 1hr and 1/4 they were by staying in the east end of the city in Ville Anjou.

Now my grand-dad has been dead for 3 years, and Noreen has just come out of the Santa Cabrini Hospital after a long stay since February 13th. She had fallen on her cane and gashed her arm open, but didn’t have the brains to let anyone know for almost 16hrs. By that time she had lost so much blood it was amazing. She’s only 73lbs right now. The hospital still made her wait 15 hrs. in the Emergency ward before seeing her, and then she lay on a gurney for 3 days before getting a room.

Well, once the hospital got it’s hands on Noreen, mom took this as a major bonus in her housing battle. Now she had the extra ammunition she needed to safeguard Noreen from herself.

It’s taken several long months but it’s finally happened. Noreen is now being moved into her new apartment. It’s a lovely place, in a brand new residence that’s only 60% occupied now, but having met some of the other residents, I’m certain it won’t be long before she starts making some new friends. Something she so desperately needs these days.

Of course she’s scared silly, but we’re trying to make the transition as easy as possible by setting up the new place with as much of her belongings as we can squeeze in. She’s accumulated a lot in her years. So many antiques. Most of them will go into storage, and her house won’t be sold yet until we’re certain she’s settled in.

Reality can be a bitch!



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