Return to the Dot

I can’t there haven’t been some bad days since my return to living in Toronto. Still, so far the good outweighs it. I just won’t deny that they haven’t happened straight off!

I live in the Yorkville/Annex area now. Yep, I won my fight with TCHC and finally got my transfer approved. So long St. James Town, closest description of your area will now be referred to in Dante’s Inferno as a parallel. My new building is sedate in comparison. The subliminal vibe of tension isn’t here. Management staff seem genuinely interested in the lives of their clients and vice versa.

My apartment is a spacious and well lit. Bachelor still, but much larger. You actually have some room definitions here. My parents and sister invested a lot of time, energy, and let’s not forget, MONEY! to ensure that my living here is as comfortable as possible so my wants will be met, and I can stay focused on my goals, etc…

I continue with my after-care on Thursdays, over at the Russell Street offices of CAMH What a maze that place can be when you go there after hours and there’s no support staff available!! It took me 40 minutes to find my group room! Fortunately, I wasn’t alone in my dismay, since Security and I picked up my friend Connie (Joe Albert) en route as we searched. Find it we did, eventually.

I attend a Going Out/Being Out Discussion group the 519 Community Center You can look it up for yourself on their site. I’m having problems putting the link in for it. Interesting group. i joined to give me an outlet to express my concerns and fears, that I really haven’t dealt with thanks to varying reasons about my coming out and what it means to be a gay man. It’s also, I discovered, an excellent hook up location. Here is where you can meet the border-liners, gay men who just haven’t grown comfortable yet with the whole “QUEER” ideal, yet still wanting some action. JOY! The looks and ages vary, but so far I haven’t seen anyone older than maybe 42? A bonus is the population is continuously flowing so there’s always new faces. This is where i met Kiel, age 21, just coming out. He’s from London, ON and is busily trying to obtain employment so he can stay and begin exploring his world. I helped him on his way 🙂

I’ve made some other new friends since coming back, and re-acquainted myself with some of my old ones. First person to greet me upon my return is Aaron. I met this young man some time ago on ICQ or something, and then transferred it over to MSN. Anyhow, we’ve been chatting for a goodly some time. There!! We finally met after i guess, a year after. He’s charming, and has a really positive attitude and I already consider him a solid member of the cast in my so called life. I’ve bumped into Allan, Travis and Jeremy and spent a fun few hours with them at Woody’s catching up.

I’ve also seen John, who’s still bouncing throughout the youth hostel system of the GTA like a super ball. No direction.

Aside from that I’ve seen few other faces. Adam’s still here, working at Out in the Street until this fall, when he plans to move to Holland to live with his boyfriend Kip. I’m hoping he’s here long enough so I can jump into this AD&D campaign that I was invited to over a year ago. I just hope my character doesn’t get his/her head chopped off in the first fight. That’ll be an instant mood killer.

I’m also working at improving my gay social life by doing some volunteer work. I’m busy applying to some of the Pride stuff, as well as maybe doing some work at some of the half-way houses for PWA. I’ll fill you in on any updates as they come along.

So that about wraps it up. Y’all keep coming back


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