Fall to your knees and repent your sins!!

“At a time where lesbian and gay people – let alone lesbian and gay Christians – are looking to the church to affirm their families and to help build stability and provide a safe space for them, the church spits in their face.”

– The Rev Richard Kirker, general secretary of the Lesbian and Gay Christian Movement regarding the Church of England (Anglican)’s decision to deny blessings to same sex couples (http://www.christiantoday.com/news/church/church.of.england.denies.blessings.for.same.sex.unions/692.htm)

To be honest, who needs them?!!
The Anglican Church’s behaviour (and most of the other older religious institutions) attitude towards the LGBT community is one that absolutely sets my teeth on edge.
Despite their supposed “maturity”, they still cling to the same prejudices and ideals that frankly led to thousands of wars and massacres throughout the course of modern history.
If the Roman Catholic Church still had it’s way, woman would still be second class citizens subordinate to the whims of man with no voice in public. Thank you  Decretum Gratiani http://www.womenpriests.org/theology/gratian.asp (1140 AD) . Fortunately, clearer heads eventually prevailed and in 1917 (I didn’t say the decision came quickly) laws/views were amended. It makes me wonder how much longer the West is going to cling to the same ideals regarding homosexuality.
When I came out at the age of 28, I had already told my sister my suspicions. Fearing still my parents reaction however, I told my grandmother first. She still attends church regularly, despite being blind now, and she summed it up for me and laid my fears to rest. “God makes no mistakes! If you’re here and gay, it is because HE wanted it that way as part of HIS plan.” What a wonderful thing that was to hear.
So who are these mortals who think they have the right to speak on behalf of GOD? Doddering old men and their musty old ways. Although I myself am not religious, I’m proud of the stance and changes that have been going on in some of  today church’s as they evolve to meet the world. As to the rest of them resisting… the winds of change will eventually erode them and they will be as dust in the wind.



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