Conscientious Objection and the Law

Conscientious Objector” is another word for criminal.

I don’t really care to go into semantics, but if I disagree with something, that doesn’t give me the right to ignore it. An example would be a highway limit. I could “conscientiously object” on the grounds that the speed is too slow, and that I know I’m an excellent driver, so WHY should I obey it then?

The answer is because IT’S THE LAW!

Those that are in a position of being the law, have no right to sit there and pick and choose which laws they’re going to follow. They are the Law’s representatives, and as such the public looks to them to follow through on that and to enforce it.

If Registrars and Councils are going to disobey these laws, then they, like their fellow citizen should be punished to the fullest extent of the law for doing so. They are not above it just because they are in a position of power. They need to go through legal channels to promote disagreement, and to see if others agree. This is part of the democratic process to an extent (exceptions should be made to safeguard human rights however).

If the will of the public and the current government is such that the law the Objectors disagree with is approved, then the Objectors either need to suck it up or get out. Stop living off the public’s money if you’re not going to do your public job!! See if you can function in the business world with that type of attitude


*** This also goes to the morally reprehensible behaviour of doctors in the U.S. (big surprise there) who are using this “conscientious objection” as an excuse to not treat LGBT people. What happened to the Oath you swore?!!Thought you wanted to help people when you chose that as a career.

You should all be stripped of your licences to practice medicine, and we should open the doors to all those immigrants who can’t work in their chosen profession right now due to those same licences


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