Cannot recommend this webpage at all. There doesn’t seem to be anything there beyond the sign in, and once you get past that, all I ever seem to encounter is this “Webpage out of service for maintenance. Please try again later” note.

I would be ok with this. manaddict.com is after all just another cheesy hook up site for men, except this message is the only one I’ve seen in well over a week. normally i would care less except i won a gold card membership from www.mancandy.ca. YAY!! problem is, i can’t use it, damnit!!

and as for contacting CSR at www.manaddict.com, don’t even bother. they don’t return emails. www.manaddict.ca tried to help. their employee Marc was even able to access my account, but he’s the only one. even after I started over with a new account, all i experienced was the same thing.

so, big thumbs down to www.manaddict.com. You Suck!!



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