Unpacking, Theft, Volunteer Awards

Got a phone call the other week from Coleen, my parents roomie back home in Montreal. Seems she had come back to Canada from Florida a heck of a lot earlier than expected. I thought at first it had been because of all the horrible hurricanes that have been pummelling the area. I was wrong but close still.

Seems a friend that Coleen had made in days gone by back in rehab has recently moved from her big house out in Pickering, where she was now living all alone into something much smaller and easier to maintain. Coleen called me up to see if I would be able to help with the grunt work. That and because she is an alcoholic who’s practically useless when it comes to anything other than herself and her vodka. Nice person, great cook, but thank goodness she’s in charge of a well established company cause otherwise she’d be in big trouble. Anyhow, her idea of work is to throw money at people and let them handle it while she staggers around advising them in her infinite wisdom (this is where i fit in), or hope that it goes away in a drunken haze. Coleen’s been her safety net I guess for the past few years, and I really do give her props for her patience, kindness and stamina.

Anyhow, that’s where I have been for the past couple of weeks. Doing every and any odd job that needs doing. The only point where I drew a line is when I was asked to climb on her roof and saw/remove her old LOOK satellite www.look.ca that the previous owner had left behind. She thinks it’s an eyesore, and since she switched to  Rogers www.rogers.com for everything, including home phone service. Bell Canada www.bell.ca really missed the ball on this one by claiming that they were too busy to come until the November 11 the earliest.

Whist out in Pickering doing all this, I missed out (by choice) the TCHC  www.torontohousing.ca Volunteer Awards Dinner. Fortunately enough, the other volunteers who I work with grabbed my certificate, etc… out of concern for me (they had conjure up all sorts of reasons for my absence, some quite imaginative). Still, what a great feeling and change it is from a year ago!!!!

Came home earlier on Wednesday. The street kid who was living with me hadn’t picked up the phone for a couple of days, which was a bit suspicious. Thank goodness I had Corky the Wonder Pom with me, otherwise I would have been freaking. But I came home anyways to investigate (that and Anne was rapidly heading downhill into her binge).

John wasn’t here. Still no idea where he might be. No note, nothing…but hey! He did help himself to some of my stuff before he left. $500 + worth of it, including 2 videos that belong to the City of Toronto Public Library http://www.tpl.toronto.on.ca/.

So, here’s the list, for the sake of being thorough:

  1. Video: American Outlaws
  2. Video: James Bond – the World is not Enough
  3. leather suede high top shoes from Bata www.bata.ca
  4. Jaguar back pack
  5. Nike silk shorts (sky blue)
  6. red Wetsuit winter jacket (my only winter jacket) given to me by my parents last x-mas to replace the one stolen by crack–heads I let into my apartment.

I just don’t understand people sometimes. Why live with someone for 6 weeks. SIX FRICKIN’ WEEKS!!! and then pull a stunt like this without provocation?

Suffice to say I decided not to turn the other cheek again. I’ve learned in the past that this just exposes your other one to be hit. So, after just getting his police record cleared, now this person will once again have to deal with Toronto’s finest  http://www.torontopolice.on.ca/. Some of you may think this is a bit harsh, but you then are the ones that have just recently jumped on my bandwagon. Sorry to disappoint you . To everyone else, your faith in me has finally been justified. NO MISTER NICE GAY GUY!!!


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