S*#% My Grandparents Say

At what point do people start getting older and reverting back to being children?

I wound up being nasty to my step-grandmother Noreen today. I’m not happy about.

My parents, who have been doing everything for this woman since my grandfather passed away a few years ago, and even long before then too, just sold her house in Ville d’Anjou, QC. Yes, this is a sad moment. She had owned/lived there for well over 40 years.

But since Noreen’s fall and 2 month hospitalization back in February, and her being moved into a seniors residence as she could no longer take care of herself, the house has stood vacant, except for the furniture she couldn’t take with her, for over 8 months now.

The decision was made to put the house on the market 2 weeks ago, and it was there for less than a day. Noreen got the full asking price for the house, and the furniture. This is where the source of contention begins. The latest one that is.

Seems there are a few pieces of furniture that Noreen promised her older sister Helen, who lives out in Scarborough, ON. Helen has had plenty of time to make arrangements to get these pieces. Hell, she even has an entire family there that could have gone and got it for her.

But no!!! Noreen has expected my mother to handle this, as well as everything else. The damn woman hasn’t;t even included a single member of my family in her will, and yet expects to be served on a silver platter.

So when she got snide and started to demean my moms help, and everything that has been done for her benefit, i bridled. Told her to pull her head out of her ass and face reality, and stop living in this dream world. Then hung up on her.

I immediately called my mom to explain and apologise for my behaviour. Wasn’t necessary it seems. However, I also learned that Noreen had deliberately misled me. The furniture designated for Helen, with the exception of one chair, has already been removed and placed in storage (it will get to Helen eventually, no thanks to either her or her family), and it was Noreen that stated that she did not want Helen’s family to lay their hands on a single piece. My sister Laura has confirmed this.

So what was supposed to be a simple hi and hello phone call wound up being one little old ladies excuse to vent her fears and frustration at someone who hadn’t heard it all already and garner some sympathy. Too bad it was me.


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