If Voting Made a Difference, It Would Be Illegal

Today is voting day here in Canada, where 21 million registered may or not flock to the polls in what some consider the growing sham that is the democratic system. This was evidenced first in the U.S back in 2001 when the state of Florida proved that even dead people could vote from the grave (http://www.scoop.co.nz/stories/HL0310/S00211.htm). But of course it’s easier to blame the black boxes

Some people are disgusted that we vote to put people in charge of the future of our country that we would never leave alone with small children. But such is the way if you want to see anything get done whatsoever.

Regretfully, it is the big fish, i.e.. the Liberals, Progressive Conservatives and the NDP that have given voters that squeamish feeling as of late, and the truly honest candidates. the ones that really want to do the best for our country, mostly overlooked, since they don’t get the media coverage.

Fact is, I’ll bet you don’t even know who the rest of your candidates are in your district. I know I didn’t . I actually had to use www.google.ca to find out who they were (http://canadaonline.about.com/od/federalelections/a/candidates2006.htm)

. Again, this is no fault of these candidates, but sadly, they’re limited by budget and lack of fame (or notoriety) as well as voter apathy .

Were you aware that less than 31% of voters aged 18-24 go to the polls ?

Kids spend their youth just waiting for the day they turn 18 so they can be REAL ADULTS, and then they spurn one of the most adult things they can do.

In the end, it doesn’t matter who you vote for (well, actually it does, depending if it’s your party that wins or not) but as long as you take the time to vote you have demonstrated that the democratic process still works, and in the end that is what allows us a Prime Minister and a Parliament as opposed to a dictator or tyrant.

And the War of Stupidity goes on


I understand via my mother that you called me a few days ago.  In future, should you need to contact me for any reason, please do so by e-mail.  Both of our interests would be better served if a record was kept of any communication that is exchanged.

Furthermore, I am aware that you have spent the past two months trashing me in every way, shape and form that you can think of.  I have tried to maintain a friendly relationship with you and, apparently this is the result.  Therefore, do not expect that relationship to continue in the face of your behaviour.  Everyone has limits and, you have far exceeded mine.


I called Pamela’s apartment the other day to see how her visit to her dear friend Claire’s gravesite went. Little did I realize that this was yet another mistake I made in my declining relationship with her.

For the record, with the exception of here, where I post my thought, both good and bad, I don’t talk to the residents about my problems. I had not even given Pamela a thought since my entry back in July, until the day she waltzed into the library, acting like nothing had happened the previous month, and then started in on my blog a few weeks later.

John Corso, a fellow resident here in the building, has advised me that it’s best to keep things here with residents on an impersonal basis. I think it’s excellent advice, based on the cliques I have observed and the internal politics.

incidentally, my reply to this email was short and succinct:


This coming from you? Why don’t you just keep popping your pills and go malign someone else?”

Petty, I know, but this is what it has come down to. Since I apparently try to ruin everything here, what recourse do I have?

I’m just going to continue working on my own projects, listen to the residents when they have something of concern to say regarding the building, and just mind my own business from now on.