With Friends Like These…..

I’ve been doing ok for the most part, although I’m currently squabbling with a long time friend of mine.

He had made plans with me to go to Fly Night club www.flynightclub.com a weekend or so ago, something I was so looking forward to, and then 2 days before (after he had received his ODSP check) told me he “might” not go as he was recovering (from what you might ask? You’re not alone in that regards). Read the word “might” too? This isn’t actually a solid cancellation.

Anyhow, no word afterwards from him until the Thursday after when he popped online to tell me about his new clothes he had just purchased.

No apologies, no explanations about what happened, and when I pressed him on the why he took a hissy and bugged off. This is actually typical of him, and so I sent a prissy little eNote (sigh, so typical of me) to him, calling him on the floor for it, which he didn’t appreciate so I’m currently in the doghouse. AWWWWWWW.

I’m not certain if I actually care either.

People like this are only there for the good times, and woe betide anyone who comes along and rains on their parade, for they will immediately go their own way in search of another party, leaving the rainmaker holding the bag.

I’m beginning to truly despise these people, mostly cause they can’t take any responsibility for their own actions, or lack thereof, and because they feel they don’t owe you anything either. These are the same ones that basically did nothing when I fell down, but were quick to cozy up to me when they needed something, like shelter, food, cigarettes….

What type of friendship is that, I ask. I was under the honest impression that a friend is there for the good and the bad, and can always be counted on to tell you the truth when no one else will.

Guess I was wrong in this case.