Goddess, it has been a while hasn’t it?

I try to write whenever the urge comes upon me, and believe me there have been plenty, but somehow those events have yet to be transferred to the actual blog here. Sigh. You’ll have to forgive me for the extra lengthy meanderings as I attempt to catch you up with the events of the past month and a bit.

Before I go on however, I would like to point out that I briefly took my blog off of the public domains, due to a rather nasty comment made by some anonymous person called “Laughing at Others Idiocy“. I realized later that anyone who has to remain anonymous in order to prove his superiority by pissing on someone else has some really deep issues (SEEK HELP!!) I’ve left his comments elsewhere in my space for others perusal, but now realize just how pathetic this type of person truly is, and will no longer let their juvenile antics affect me.

No word from Kenny since I wrote my last blog (April 6th), and although I still have him in my email contacts, etc.. And do send stuff to him, I have to wonder if this is it between the 2 of us.

When I first met Ken, he had long since been already diagnosed with a life altering illness and was still pretty much living on the street. There’s a lot of that going on these days. One of the biggest indicators that there is something wrong with society.

Moving on, I briefly dated Kenny. He was my first OFFICIAL boyfriend, and not fully understanding his problems, but still wanting to give it a try, I asked him to move in with me. This was the beginning of a repeated pattern that would continue for years after we broke up where I would take him in, feed him, clothe him, make certain that he took his baths, and when he decided that I was becoming too overbearing he would fuck off and disappear.

One day he even bought  me a PS2 game console as a sort of Thank-you gift , which  of course I wound up selling a couple of months later to feed my addictions.

I just hope that I will eventually bump into him again at some point and we will pick up from there.

April 7-10: Easter Weekend (I did mention that there would be a lot to catch up on) was a wonderful success.

My sister Laura and her husband Jon finally decided to go pay a visit to my parents and grand-folk in Quebec Last time they had been there was July of 2005, a source of considerable consternation on my parents part.

Laura and John picked Corky and myself up on Good Friday Jon had already doped himself on anti-histamines for the drive (he’s allergic to dogs, poor boy.). The drive itself was uneventful aside from a few detours through the 1000 Island Parkway, as the 401 for some reason seemed to get busy around the Watertown exit. Who cares though, the drive is so much nicer that way, and John had apparently never been that way.

We made good time, and arrived at Mom & Dads in Ste Lazare with no problem. A good time was had by all, with Saturday being spent at a sugar shack for a buffet style Quebec dinner in celebration of Jon’s 29th birthday on Monday the 10th. We left stuffed to the max.

Regretfully, we had to leave on Sunday, as both Laura and Jon both had to work Easter Monday But Laura was able to rush into Montreal before we left to see Noreen and Nana. I know how happy both of them would have been to see her.

April 29: A few weeks passed and the next thing I knew I was at the Toronto National Trade Center, attending the Community Housing Representative Forum There are now 375 people including 17 youth, which is something new, all representing the over 1 million tenants in Toronto Community Housing We all want to play a valuable part in our communities as well as help shape policy and the future hoping to help shape the future in North America’s largest subsidized housing project.

There were a number of exciting classes available throughout the day, but regretfully not enough time to attend them all. So I focused personally on communications and finances, as these areas are where I need the most help.

The one thing the organizers failed to remember was for a lot of the Representatives this was the first time any of them of them had the chance to sound off regarding some of their individual problems. Because of this, peoples bitching regretfully took up time that could have been spent on the courses.

Understandable, even if the timing was inappropriate. Maybe TCHC will remember that for next year. It was all part of the learning experience however, so it was something to value and incorporate.

**** On a different note, received an email from Now Magazine, informing me that I had won in their drawing for a CD Prize Package.

The cd’s I won were Van Morrison’s “Pay the Devil”, Willie Nelson’s “You Don’t Know Me: the Songs of Cindy Walker” and SheDaisy “Fortune Teller’s Melody”

May 5th….            UGHH! This was not a pleasant day. I was to attend the TCHC kick-off of Asian Heritage Month but the only thing that had my complete attention was a box of Kleenex. Damn these allergies.

Everything was going so well, but then I had to leave the safety of my apartment and go to Social Services, dragging along Pamela ( with me. Somehow my drug card never came, and I had to go retrieve a new copy of it. I should have taken note of the itchy eyes and nose right away, but I had other things on my mind.

Coming home, we passed through Yonge Eglinton Centre and dropped by the pet store. Pamela wanted to see the puppies, and I needed to grab a few essentials from Dominion

However…. by the time we stepped off the bus coming home, I couldn’t breathe without having to punctuate it with a resounding sneeze.

Within an hour I was down at Davenport Pharmaceuticals to grab several boxes of tissue, and then locked myself up inside for the rest of the weekend, except for the occasional walk of the dog, which only served to remind my nose why I hated it.

May 8th: Our first official Tenant Rep Meeting for C.H.U. 25. This was kewl since all the sitting members were present, plus we got to meet all the support staff and extra-curricular staff in order to get a better idea of all areas we will need to cover in the coming months.

I’m trying not to over-reach myself, but it’s hard. There’s just so much that one could get involved in, and it’s not like the TCHC couldn’t use all the help it could get.

For example, RepsLink ( This is something I could get involved with easily.

RepsLink has secured 400 used computers, all outfitted with Linux (a free OS) and free internet service through Bell Sympatico, all to help the 380 Reps keep in touch with each other, share ideas and problems and gain support and experience. It also allows the Reps to network and determine key areas that need strengthening when we make our annual report to the TCHC as a collective. I am also hoping that it will allow other organizations to network with the CHU’s as well, such as local churches, individuals with garage sales, Scouts Canada, etc…. all to help promote that sense of community that seems to be disappearing in today’s ever-growing metropolis.

May 9th: I have decided to go back to CAMH I thought I was able to handle most of my life again, but recent events have led me to re-assess that thought and get some help. I don’t consider that a weakness in character. Truthfully, it is a poor man who thinks he can do everything on his own.

I was able to get in touch with Intake Services finally, after leaving several messages since the previous Thursday. Ironically, the person who is going to be my primary therapist this time is Sunil (, who was doing his internship with Dale Keuhl ( , my previous therapist a year ago. I’m hoping he proves more trustworthy than Dale wound up being, and not go and make false promises of continuing individual service which can’t be backed up due to a lack of available finances.

It has been over a year now since I walked out of the Donwoods, and although things have been good since my return to Toronto, they also could be better. So with Sunil’s help, as well as many other competent individuals that fall under the CAMH umbrella, I am going to take some refresher courses, and get reacquainted with some of tools that can help keep me on the path to recovery.

I’ll be attending “Getting Started” classes either Mondays or Thursdays, depending on my schedule, and we shall see where things go from that.

**** On a different note, I mailed my first genuine Mother’s Day Card in years. Normally I’ve been just sending eCards, but I wanted to send something “real” this year. I got a phone call from Mom and based on her reaction, will now make certain to repeat this action more often. It’s incredible what a little thing like a card can do to make a persons day.

May 12-14: My friend Drew ( stayed over this weekend.

He had an appointment up at Humber General Hospital  Saturday for a CT scan. Sooner or later he is going to have to have his feet broken and then put back together.

He also had to start packing up his stuff at his old apartment that he has been sharing with his now ex-boyfriend Darcy ( Seems they broke up about a month and a half ago. Darcy now has a new flame(r) sharing his life, and Drew is now going to go back and live with his parents in Port Perry, at least until after all the surgeries.

This may seem like a sad state of affairs, but Drew seems to think it is for the best.

He’ll be back at the end of the month to retrieve his stuff, and drop off a copy of WindowsXP for my new computer when Laura has a chance to pick it up from her office building.

**** On yet another note, Friday I received a phone call from Sun Media/, who run a free daily newspaper called 24hrs and was informed that I had won the IPod Nano and was a contender in the finals for the 2006 Dodge Caliber on June 1st.

This means I have a 1:14 chance to win the car, but these odds could be changed since they’re dependant on the number of contestants that show up at the BBQ Picnic where everything will be finished off at Sun Newspaper HQ on King Street.

All I need to do to make the odds more in my favour therefore is to let the air out of some of the other finalists’ car wheels. Let’s see them get CAA  to help them on a late Thursday afternoon during rush hour, bwahahahaha!


I wrote something really fun and light hearted for a change, rather than the usual bitchy gossip column I have been accused of perpetrating in the last few entries.

Regretfully….my computer froze up and I wound up having to reboot. When I went to see if MSN Spaces had saved what I had written as a draft, I discovered to my dismay that there was nada.

I am truly sorry folks, but I just don’t feel like rewriting all that had been in it.

The moral of this story is to not trust your work to MSN unless you have it already saved somewhere else. It will help you avoid heartache and frustration.