Bit of this and that

Well, I didn’t win the car in the end. Came close though. Out of fourteen finalists in the Contest for the 2007 Dodge Caliber, I was in the final four in the elimination round but my luck came to a close when they drew my name. Oh well, these things happen and I still walked away with a free iPod Nano so who cares?

Had our buildings first Tenant rep meeting on Tuesday. Things didn’t go as well as could be expected. Attendance was down, despite the advertisements being up for 3 weeks in advance, but it could have been due to the sweltering weather. That and certain individuals coming in late and verbally sabotaging Curtis, Michelle and my efforts didn’t help either. Still, it was a lesson learned, and we’ll just keep trying to strive forward. Our goal is still to try to bring the idea of “community” back to Community Housing. It just might take a bit longer than we anticipated.

I really need to learn to talk with my co-representative. Both of us want the same thing, but we’re working apart rather than together. Sure, we both have our own individual projects, like the Asian Heritage Month project I’m working on with other members of Community Housing. I’m not even sure what Michelle is working on privately, and therein lies the problem. So starting tomorrow (Saturday) during the Annual 250 Davenport Garage Sale, I’m going to track her down and see what the two of us can hash out putting our heads together.

Another piece of good news in the past week is the involvement of Seneca College of Applied Arts & Technology. Carlisle Kemp-Jackson, a part-time Library & Information Technician Program Professor has thrown his and his students weight into resurrecting the buildings library downstairs that I volunteer for. It has deteriorated in the past few years; due to vandalism and safety issues in the past, it was decided by various parties that it was better to remain locked except when needed. Now that I have some valuable new resources available to help,  I can hopefully get the ball rolling and garner some new interest in the place.

Carlisle is going to have a team of his students, who need valuable practical experience, come in and categorize, itemize and computerize all the books, put them on a computer, which is being donated, as well as train me in library technician skills. At the end of the project, we’re going to have a ceremony unveiling the revitalized library to the public.

My newer computer died. Just days after I got it too. Bummer. A good portion of last week therefore was spent  torturing myself on a Compaq Presario 2240. Working on this creature was like watching molasses running uphill in the middle of January. Thank goodness Drew showed up on Saturday night. I was about to toss the bloody thing off my porch here on the 22nd Floor, and claim insanity as an excuse  if it actually hit someone.

Drew was able to cobble together a new computer from the parts of the 3 defuncto’s into something much better. The only problem that arose had something to do with the hard drive, but he’s working on it as we speak and hopefully the problem will be over when he comes back on the 9th of June


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