As a tenant rep, I represent a wide  range of people in my building. One of these groups is the Asian community. Last month was Asian Heritage Month. I decided to volunteer and help out Community Housing put on our own celebration commemorating the valuable contributions all Asians have made to our society and world.

I truly never realized just how big Asia was until I saw it on a map. For example, I didn’t know that Afghanistan was part of it, and forgotten completely about Russia.


Anyhow, we (C.H.U.25 & C.H.U.10) focused on 6 countries as part of our event, and for the past month we have been getting everything arranged. We titled it Celebr-Asian: A Taste of Asia, and we had a sampling of foods from the selected countries. There were SO many types, and I wish I could remember them all. We had dancers from the Philippines, a Chinese choir, and I had made arrangements to have Vincent Ng from the Chinese Cultural Centre of Toronto. We had expected a turn-out of maybe 50-60 people to be there. We could not have been more wrong

Heck, there were 50 before we opened the doors, by the time we started to serve the food, there must have been almost 200. We couldn’t serve them fast enough, all the while trying to cut the finger sized servings we had ordered into smaller portions, so that everyone could try a piece.

The event was an overall success. I had a lot of fun, got to meet a wide variety of people, including the Ambassador of Taipei. I felt useful again. This more than anything else is why I became a tenant rep. What a great feeling.


One thought on “Celebr-Asian

  1. Asia isn’t six countries, or twenty-three countries. It’s forty-four countries, and Russia is more than half of it. Focusing on six Mid- to South-East Asian countries in and calling it an Asian Heritage event is like mistaking Scandinavia for Europe.

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