I have received some new information which has shed light on a horrible accusation I made about a wonderful person in our building here at 250 Davenport. I have corrected the entry, but just to let you the audience know what happened, I will tell you.

I was under the false impression that the reason the community library had sort of fallen to the side, because Mary was not willing to allow people access to it, except when she and Pamela were available, which is fair to an extent when you consider they are just volunteers, and no one else seemed interested in helping them up until this past year, or those that did want to help, wanted to make it their personal fiefdom, no matter their good intentions.

I seem to be repeating some of those mistakes, and making false assumptions based on half-assed information. That or sometimes just letting my feelings take over, which is why for the love and respect of one of my most cherished friends, I am printing this correction, and listing the facts with which she supplied me with.

FACT:  Many years ago, (1970’s – early 1980’s) this building was designated for seniors and physically disabled adults.  At that time, the library was open for anyone who wished to use it.

FACT:  During the 1980’s, the legislation pertaining to  what was then Metro Toronto Housing changed and the building was forced to begin taking in families with children, as well as the mentally ill.  By the early 1990’s, people, such as you see today were moving in, albeit on a smaller scale.

FACT:  During the 1990’s, the library area was vandalized repeatedly and the furniture which included comfortable chairs, coffee tables, a sofa, etc. were all stolen.

FACT:  After these events, the Management of the building decided to close the library.  As nobody expressed an interest in volunteering their time to supervise the library, it remained closed until Mary and I opened the clothing centre a couple of years ago, at which time people began using it again.

I apologise to anyone I misled with my past entry. I will also endeavour in the future to try to avoid this by checking my facts first, providing CERTAIN PEOPLE allow for the fact that my feelings are genuine too, no matter how wrong their reasons may be. This place is supposed to be an outlet, a method to help exorcize them to an extent. It’s a technique called journaling which I learned in CAMH. Thank you for respecting that please.


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