What is Self-Esteem?


Self-esteem can be defined as the value we place on ourselves. The extent to which we value ourselves is a product of our past experiences, recognition we receive from others; especially those that are significant to us. It is the support, love and recognition (or lack of it) that we receive in early childhood that influences how we feel about ourselves today.

Most often we love ourselves to the extent that we have been loved. And we are able to love others to the extent we love ourselves.

Our sense of self-esteem is directly and intimately related to our ability to experience satisfaction in life. When our self-esteem is low we may become depressed and passive, or angry and violent. As our self-esteem rises, so does our enthusiasm, creativity, energy and effectiveness.

Before we can make any significant changes in our lives, we must first begin to value and like ourselves. Self-esteem is established through recognition of our strengths and accomplishments, or positive feedback received from other people


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