In Search of DVD’s

This morning started off with a nice beginning.
Drew went online to check his TD savings account. to discover that he finally got his Volunteer Start-up bonus from Toronto Works, something he has waiting for over a month. So have I, admittedly, since it eases the financial budgeting up a bit.
Drew’s been putting in SO much work into the computer network being set up in our community library. He’s also got a personal project going on down there that has to do with mapping out a user friendly interactive TTC map. Feels similar to using Mapquest for directions, except with buses, trolleys, subways and the RT.
It’s coming along very nicely, and it’s something I feel he should perhaps submit, even though it’s only partially completed, to the Google Corporate office here in Toronto, since they have been contracted by the transit commission to do exactly that.
Anyhow, we’ve just come back from doing a major grocery hit, as well as grabbing some DVD’s that I needed to replace for a friend of mine, Elaina, that I had sold to a dealer when I went on yet another one of my many binges (YES, I know. STUPID!!). Anyhow, I needed to purchase them, and this weekends surprise game the chance to do so.
I will return her copies of I, Robot and Serenity right after I store them on my computer, and will get my copies of Spider-Man 2 and War of the Worlds back finally. Both parties should be happy, and it will be one less worry off my back.


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