Sunday Night Television

You have to give props to some of the producers of this Fall seasons TV line-up.

Last year was kind of disappointing, and although I’m certain that many of the new shows I have fallen in love with are now being slated for cancellation, having now been given my official Christopher King “Kiss of Death” I just want to mention some of them now.

The one I think my mom would relate to best, and perhaps my dad as well, would be Eureka, broadcast by Space and the Sci-Fi Channel down in the States. It’s low key, and does not overwhelm viewers with a plethora of inventions and gizmos and tech talk which would make them feel dumb. This is in fact, the very premise the show was based on.

Watching sheriff Jack Carter, played by Colin Ferguson (born in Montreal, 1972 no less) have to pander to his emotionally upset intelligent home, because he failed to advise “her” that he would be late for dinner, reminded me of some of the funnier moments on Knight Rider back in the 80’s. Normality confronted with the beyond usually can provoke some extremely funny moment.

So far, the only other show that leaps to the fore would be Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip.

I was kind of upset when I learned that Aaron Sorkin [et al.] were not going to continue with the Jimmy Smits era in the West Wing. However, I guess he just wanted to let the series end on a high note.

His new series, cast in an alternate universe where NBC is called NBS has the same edge, believable characters and social commentary that gives you something to talk about around the water cooler (though maybe not with the same intensity derived from Showcase). Sorkin has also brought Matthew Perry and cast him as a character very similar to Chandler from Friends.

The show, which takes place behind the scenes of a sketch comedy studio is so good, at least so far, that it would have even been a dream to see the exec/producers follow the show at the end with a separate live comedy sketch show that Studio 60 segues into.

Anyhow, Heroes is premiering tomorrow. Monday nights are terrible for sci-fi shows in the mainstream networks, and having this newbie compete with the drama of Monday Night Football is kind of unfair.

Hopefully, viewers will give it a chance, but like Surface from 2005, I don’t see it happening.


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