It was a good weekend.
Had time to reflect on my actions and will be returning to my weekly rehab sessions starting Thursday.
I don’t think that by posting my slip as “whining“, like some bloggers commented. Still, they are entitled to their opinions, as long as they are aware that in the grand scheme of things, they are meaningless to me. The journaling of my slip was meant more as an acknowledgement that it happened, the repercussions that came from it, and a reaffirmation that I still need to take steps to make certain that they don’t occur again. In other words, taking responsibility for my actions in as public a forum as possible. Simple as that.
I know some people, “Angry Taxpayer” for one, think that I would serve a better purpose as compost, but I beg to differ.
I’ve done a lot of good things in the past year, and played a vital role in my community these days as the Tenant Representative of our building, renovating the community library, participating in budgetary planning for the upcoming city plan, working with various community agencies, talking with politicians at all levels of government, etc…
I enjoy living my life far more these days, then I once did. It certainly beats sitting in my apartment all day, doing nothing other than being miserable. I just have to exercise better control over myself and live, stop fucking up and being a burden to society.
So, I guess maybe some of the comments posted did mean something to me after all.
Anyhow, my Mom called me back today. She has had the same opportunity to reflect and we both talked for well over an hour and hashed some things out, to make certain that we (meaning me) don’t have this happen again. It was a good conversation, and it only confirmed just how much I love my parents, and vice versa.
I didn’t get the chance to talk with Dad. He had just left the house and taken their dog Quincy down to the vet in St. Lazare. Quincy has been throwing up all day and refused to eat. I hope everything turns out ok.
As an update, my Nana came through her surgery fine, and began eating solids again as of today, to her relief. Nana loves her food, and at 86 she relishes every morsel. I’m going to call the Jewish General tomorrow and see how she’s doing.
Still no word as to whether my cousin Debbie gave birth yet to her second child. Now that we all know that Nana’s in the clear, we can wait with unbridled glee for the arrival of the newest member of our family.


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