Rude Awakenings

Not  quite certain what’s going on, but I was awoken by a Bell Canada worker this morning, all ready to install my Sympatico High Speed internet access. Except, I hadn’t ordered it.
Called my parents to see if this had been something they had planned as a surprise. Spoke to my father, who denied any such dealing and was too busy rushing out the door with Quincy to the vets again to deal with the matter. So, I spoke to the Bell worker and cancelled the order for now, until I found out what’s going on.
For all I know, it could be the free internet connection I get as part of my being a Tenant  Representative from RepsLink, a group that provides not only access to the .Net but a free computer should the rep need one. It’s all to keep us connected, so that we can network better.
Anyhow, I’m worried about  Quincy. Although my parent have two Boston Terriers, Quincy is the one that Dad loves dearest. Total spaz, and has nearly died on several occasion due to sheer stupidity, but he’s still here and always ready to land a big wet kiss on you when you’re not paying attention to him.
He’s hooked up to an IV right now, and is under close observation at the vets for the night. I really hope everything turns out alright.
Chatted with my Nana, albeit briefly. She’s still at the Jewish General, but sounds really good. I also found out that my cousin Debbie, who I think I mentioned yesterday, gave birth to a baby boy last Tuesday or Wednesday. The details are kind of muddled right now, as there has been a lot going on this past week, so I guess I’ll email my Aunt Penny and Uncle Jack down in Milford, Mass. and find out what I need to know. A name would be a great place to start.
Other than that, not much has been going on. Drew should be back with his new bicycle (a birthday gift from his parents). It’ll be nice seeing him.


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