Guess I should learn to keep my big mouth shut, even when it comes to helping others out.
Had a meeting today with Leslie Booth, our Toronto Community Housing CHU manager, and Curtis Palmer, who works for the Fred Victor Organization, the agency that’s overlooking services for the residents here.

That letter of complaint, the one I had arrogantly addressed to Mary way back when, was partially the reason. Leslie was also under the mistaken belief that I had missed more than one CHU Rep Meetings. Plus there’s Crazy Jane, the woman down in Apartment 113, who accused me earlier this season of peeing on the walls (?). She had interfered with someone’s right to vote that I was helping out, didn’t like it when I told her to “bugger off” and reported me. Meh, she’s had it on for me since I caught her using her dog as a kite.
Informed Leslie that Jane had interfered with someone’s right to vote, a Federal crime, and that she could sent that as my response to Jane.

Any hoot, let’s get back to the initial complaint, the one from Pamela and Mary, wondering where I got off?

And you know what? I agree with them. I over-stepped myself when I wrote the email and sent it to Pamela, although I did so with the best of intentions at the time, and perhaps I may have changed slightly stepping into the position of Tenant Representative. But so did the way people, my friends, treated me as well.

It hurt, and I reacted like I usually do these days, with outrage. I’m not really good when it comes to handling things like that.

The end result is that I have promised to bring future complaints to Curtis or Linda (CHU 25 – Health Promotional Officer) and let them deal with it, or advise me as to what might be the best way to handle the concern.

With Mary and Pamela, I’m just going to try to go back to the way things were in the beginning, and hope that they’ll forgive me eventually. It was a lot more fun back when, and I miss it.