End of an era

This was another email sent out, to advise everyone that my other Hotmail account was being closed.
Hey all
For those of you who actual read your email may know by now, the unlimitedNRG Ltd. MSN Hotmail account will be coming to a close soon.
It’s been a great Ten year run people, and I won’t forget any of them, but sometimes you have to have to just walk away from something so as to regain some perspective on things. At least, that’s what my horrorscope seems to think.
To those who have yet to reply, either because you have forgotten, didn’t receive the email (hey, these things happen), been far too busy with holidays, or plain just don’t want to maintain a relationship with me any longer, it’s all good.
Friendships may come and go, but the memories last a lifetime.
So RSVP ASAP if you want the new addy. I will be no longer actively using Windows Live Messenger as of the 1st of January, but will keep up emails to this account until the 15th. You have until then to let me know your intentions.
Have a Happy New Year, no matter how you might celebrate it, but most of all just be safe.

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