Update ( ok, it’s a bit behind schedule, but I have a life :P)

These exerpts were previously wrote on my old account. I decided to transfer them here to make certain that stuff, really, my history if you would, didn’t get lost in the swithcover. There will be others.
I wrote a really nice response to all your emails on Hotmail, and naturally they didn’t go through.
Nothing, and I mean NOTHING pisses me off more than that, as the words are irretrievable. How can you possible redo that which you poured your hear into, without that sour, bitter feeling now tainting the process?
So here is the synopsis.
Sorry, but I’m really ticked off at this moment.
Thanks for the kind letters.
It makes me thankful that all of you for wish to stay in contact. I know it hasn’tbeen easy.
Christmas has been fine. Took a lttle adjustment of both mine and my parents part to get used to me. I’m usually a little wired when I come from the Big Smoke, and it doesn’t help that I’ve changed my medications from Effexor to Wellbutrin at this time.
Perhaps I should have waited until after I got back home.
Christmas was as usual fun, yet busy. was up at 7 am to get ready for Christmas lunch with my Nana over at the Montreal Association for the Blind. She’s 88, so every moment spent with her is a bonus for me. We then jetted over to St. Laurent to visit Noreen and sit with her for a few hours. No one should be alone on Christmas day.
My sister and brother in law decided to keep to themselves in Toronto for X-day, although we should be seeing them, albeit briefly, when they’re come home from their trip to Quebec City (that since got cancelled due to illness on Laura’s aprt. I’m glad they were even able to make ith ere to visit)
My Aunt Nancy and Uncle Doug are in town. They’ll be staying for a few days, to visit us, as we left their place kind of abruptly, as well as visit Noreen and Unlce Doug’s sister Pat (who suffers from incurable MS) and her husband Richard.
As for New Years, Mom and I have debated going to see a movie, perhaps even Casino Royale, before heading home to watch the ball drop in Times Square. Chances are my Dad will stay home
(Update, he did decide to come after all, Mom decided to change the movie to the Pursuit of Happiness instead. Dad only found out when we walked into the theatre)
Anyhow, there was more, but fuck it. Maybe next time MSN Hotmail will do what it’s supposed to.

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