Why then the need for change?

Happy New Year 2007 first of all. I’m just poloishing of my third glass of scotch on the rocks, so if my spelling, or thoughts kind of wander, please be gentle with me.
I wish I could tell you honestly why i felt the need to close my other account.
I mean, I had had the darn thing for 10 years, so why go through all the trouble.
The thing though was, I no longer felt safe.
Those of you who might have read the blog comments from some of the folks that dropped in know that they were…. a bit unpleasant.
Maybe it was because I was too candid with my past, maybe I just bitched and whined too much, maybe I just didn’t appreciate all that I did have, and have accomplished along the way.
It hasn’t been that long since I hit rock bottom, and the it will be a long while yet before i fully recover.
But it’s not going to happen if I carry all this extra baggage along with me.
Unlike Christine Brinkley on CTV Toronto, I don’t have the option to fix my woes with botox every 3 weeks.
So it was time  to start fresh, and try to regain some dignity again.
It’s not going to be easy. Nothing worthwhile ever is, but for those of you who stuck around, and for all the new people I will meet along the way, I’m going to try to make it worth it.
It’s an all new game, so let’s play ball!!

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