may you find peace in the next world Ms. Rowan

I start these musings off now on Notepad.
I’ve lost too many pieces of my written work to "random errors", usually due to something I’ve done, and frankly, getting upset serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever.
Once again, I’m catching y’all up on events that occured a few days ago, just prior to the New Year. This one is a sadder moment.
Coleen, my parent’s roomie; I’ve mentioned her before in the past, lost her mother on December 30th at aproximately 20h00.
It wasn’t like it was unexpected.
Ms. Rowan Sr. was in the final stages of Alzheimers, and emphasema, which was never helped by Coleen’s sister, Linda taking her out of the seniors residence where she was staying just so that she could have Mom present at her family events.
Ms. Rowan Sr. always came back with some lung infection, and she had reached the point where she could no longer aspirate on her own. I guess this time round, her body just wasn’t able to carrry her along any longer.
I met Ms. Rowan Sr. a few years ago, and although at that point her alzheimers had progressed to the point where she could no longer communicate, she still came off (to me that is) as a pleasant woman.
Coleen would say differently, based on earliers years, but I do know she loved her mother very much.
So, to the whole family, I wish to extend my condolensces and deep regrets. I know nothing will ease the pain of your loss, but that will pass in time, and you will able to look back on the memories in a better light.


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