Windows Live Mail. Why Change what isn’t broken?

This is supposed to be what computer  technology of the 21st Century is coming to.
No more actual software. Just one big integrated system, all to be handled by online servers.
Your spelling will be checked automatically, taking the need to know how to do so out of your hands.
Your security will handled of course, by Windows Live One Care Beta, free for now while in Beta formatr, but Windows hasn’t exactly got the best track record when it comes to quality security.
Windows Live Desktop Beta will keep track of all your stored data, making it easier for you, and Microsoft, to find out where and what youyou have stored. 

I’ve tried Windows Live Mail Beta now, 3 times. The full version has quite a few frills, but you rquire DSL, Wi-fi or broadband to use it, and the light version, in comparison with MSN Hotmail, isn’t even worth being called an equal.
And time is growing short. Microsoft/MSN, soon to called Windows Live in all their dealings with the public, is all set to launch these product and replace your previous beloved ones with their newer versions.
Last time they (Windows) pulled such a stupid stunt, it was called Windows 98, and we the public are still recovering from that mess. And if you want the really good
So are we prepared to accept another?

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