A funeral service and other such nonsence

06h15 : Well, managed to crawl out of bed to get ready for the funeral ceremony.
I know my mom’s up. I can hear her cursing, which means she’s stubbed her toe for the upteenth time on the end of the bed. You’d think after almost 40 years she’s learn.
We’ll be leaving in another hour, so I’m just going to to let y’all that despite my best efforts, i was never able to send that darn email through my Gmail POP3 account on Mozilla Thunderbird.
I was finally obliged to cut and paste and send it through Yahoo.
Definitely not my first choice.
On top of that, somehow, during all my saving copies of the aforementioned email to the draft folder, it got placed in simple typeset, pretty much losing any and all empahasis and effect on what I wanted to convey.
I’m finishing up a new version now, and will send it shortly. Gawds, I hope I don’t screw it up again somehow.
08h15 : and we’re off to the funeral home. TTYL

Service for Coleen’s mom was nice, except for her cousins’s singing, but we’ll let that pass. I just wish we had sat a few more rows away from her, had I known just how bad it was going to be.
How does someone literally rip, shred and maim "Amazing Grace"????

14h30 : finished walking the dog and have settled back down to update this blog.
I just finished reading my emails on MSN Hotmail.

Drew’s uncle finally passed away, after a long battle with cancer.


The service will be held this weekend in Collingwood(?). Must be another place that I tease Drew about being in the borderlands (aka, the 905 region)

16h35. Crikers, I cannot believe how long I have been sitting here. And for what? To create a new Gmail account strictly for my volunteer related works, to blab here, and to go through my spam.
Oh yeah, forgot about the trials I had to go through getting another Gmail account accepted by Thunderbird.
Will there ever be a Mail Server program that does every account out there, from IMAP
 to POP3 as well as HTML?
You’d think Mozilla, if any company would have done so by now.
I’ll email them now to place it on my Christmas wish list for next year.

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