Slippery when wet (another excuse for a delayed publishing)

Ok, this is a bit late, but I’m still catching up with last week.
I wrote this while still in St. Lazare, QC, but Windows Live Spaces was having network problems, I had a lot of pics to add (and dial up is a bitch for that) and since then I have had to reformat my computer twice (let’s not go into that, please?).
Anyhow, here it is:
Originally wrote on January 5th
It’s funny how much prettier everything out here in the countryside looks after 10 mm of freezing rain.
In cities like Toronto and Montreal, it’s just considered a mess and a nuisance. At least in Montreal though, people have had their snow tires on since mid-October. With Torontonians, you’re guess is as good as mine.
The end result : Multiple traffic accidents, due to people driving as they would normally, with no consideration for the change in circumstances. Pedestrians having to jump the water accumuation at street corners (which I think should be made into an Olympic sport, considering the size of some of these puddles).
Our sewer systems just can’t handle the water overflow, and nothing is going to change to improve that any time soon.
Then there’s all the people who fell/slipped, posible broken bones, etc… that clog our hospital systems.
Pretty as it is out here, that doesn’t make it any less dangerous, don’t get me wrong.
Accidents do happen, although St. Lazare uses a mixture of 30% salt and 70% pebbles, to help increase traction for pedestrians, vehicles and horses (you read that correctly).
This seems to cut the ratio of incidents down dramatically. Well that, and the fact that I think there’s only like, three paved roads out here.
Believe you me, this system works really well, and as a bonus, your car actually stands a fair chance not to rot away from salt corrosion within 3 years (unless it’s a Ford).
Anyhow, I decided to walk around the area and get some shots so that you could see what I see.

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