Saturday, what a day….

Been a busy day, despite my taking FOREVER to wake up this morning. Just couldn’t seem to drag myself out bed.

Wish I hadn’t either, considering how bright it was when I walked outside with Corky. Cold too. Still, has to beat the lousy weather systems that have been Europe, Japan and the States this past month, with more on the way. So many people have died from the winds alone.
Also figured I had to get a rush, considering I only had an hour and a half before Patricia and the students from Seneca College came to continue working on the library reno’s.
Fortunately enough, guess things were working out in my favour, as Patty had moved the day to Sunday. seems more students can attend, and that’s what I want.
Hopefully, the 2 cuties, Santiago and John are part of this season’s team.
Drew’s been downstairs in the Community Library, trying to install Windows Server 2003, in order to network our computer system better. He went down around 14h00 and it’s 20h30 now.
Meanwhile, I’ve been screwing around, trying to figure out this Small Library Pro program, doing laundry, making dinner, and will be vacuuming shortly.
Crikers, I sound like a housewife (ugh).
Bumped into Pamela earlier.
We’ve started mending fences. A relief to me, and a great start to the new year. I said I wanted a clean slate. Next up….Mary.
I’ll keep my fingers crossed Our relationship wasn’t on the same level as mine and Pamela’s was.
Still, we’ve both been civil to each other. That’s not too bad. Beats yelling and screaming. Not that that’s happenning, I’ll add.

20h39 : Guess I’ll bring Drew his dinner after Stargate Atlantis finishes. He loses track of the time when he’s caught up in tech-shit, and I want to watch the 13th episode of Torchwood.

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