Good morning, or at this stage, good afternoon.
Woke up to the sound of breaking glass. Ie. the one that had been sitting beside me on my night table.
Damn those flailing arms.
Drew quickly grabbed Corky and went out for a walk. Smart man. He knows now when to cut and run for the hills.
So with great grumblings (read : cursing and swearing), I yanked out the vacuum and gave the area a good once-over. Last thing I need todo is get a plinter of glass in my foot when I wake up tomorrow. I’m already an unpleasant enough person that I don’t need the extra incentive.
Currently, I’m sitting in front of my computer, tinkering.
I had this incredible
epiphany that the reason my Shareaza program wasn’t downloading fast enough to my liking was due to the recent update of my Zone Alarm Pro.
Figured that I would try this Comodo Firewall Pro, that has been raved about recently.
Works well enough, until it comes to figuring out how to configure the TCP and UP ports to allow for file sharing. Limewire is supposed to be able to configure itself around these things, but even it got lost somewhere around Albequerque.
Sure, I suppose I could read the manual, figure out how and all, but being lazy I have decided to install my original firewall again.
All this so I can rewatch the first season of Doctor Who (2005)
Now that Season one of Torchwood is over, I need something to give me my Tardis fix, plus Captain Jack.
Library reno’s went ok today. At least some folks showed up. Should have been more. Guess there’s been a breakdown in communications somewhere. Hope it gets fixed, and soon.
Tomorrow, I have to get up earlier than usual. Getting my bathroom floor retiled. Yay!!

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