Sleep, social workers and the mess that is counselling and mental health

I don’t know why I’m having so much trouble waking up these days.
I set the alarm clock for 08h30, jic the maintenance staff, Boris or Siva, show up to do the retiling, and then immediately go back to sleep after I shut if off.
Mom calls around 10h30, to tell me the BOM still hasn’t recvd my monies from Toronto Work. This is for the volunteer work I contribute so much of my time too…
I woke up fine then as well.Finished the conversation,said my goodbyes, rolled over and back to sleep.
When I finally make a concerted affort to put an end to this affair, it’s like I’m trying to crawl through tar, slowly pushing my consciousness towards the "real world".
My subconscious will even sometimes attempt to trick me, by creating semi-realistic scenarios to distract me for a time, until I catch on and proceed onwards again.
WTF is going on?
Is there something going on inside me, that just prefers escapism? This is what I’m calling it for now.
Something I just am not prepared to deal with?
Too bad the social worker, Karen Burell at Woman’s College Hospital, dropped my case, after she screwed up twice with my appointments. I got upset, left a voice message as well as an email, telling her frustruated and upset I was with her inability to coordinate her schedule with her clients properly, so it’s clearly my fault now she refuses to deal with me.
Couldn’t even tell me herself.
Instead, she has her manager, Katherine call me up, give me the heave ho, and tells me they have no one else at Woman’s College to serve their clients needs in lieu. If there’s a problem with ‘tween Karen and client, client gets the boot and has to seek someone else off site.
A troubling solution if there are "difficulties", but also tells me that the social worker at Woman’s College could care less really, about the true mental health of her patient, and is backed up by the same typo which makes up her management.
This is what comes from hiring outsiders who work independantly. Who get to pick and choose their clients, as opposed to actually having to work the trenches. They’ll choose them from the flotsam, and leave the jetsam continuing to bump around underneath, left to their own devices.
No wonder there are so many people with real problems wandering the streets these days, while the ones being served are having troubles relating to their cat.
This is has been the biggest source of frustruation from the time I moved here.
Since the merger of ARF and the Clarke’s, I keep slipping through the cracks.
I’m not mental enough to be considered one way or another, so it’s easier to sluff me off then deal with me.
In the meanwhile, I’ll just keep trying to tread the waters, and hope I don’t drown before someone reaches out and takes some responsibility for my health.
8 years and counting so far.
my arms are beginning to get tired.

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