The remainder of a crappy day

The rest of today has been oh, so shitty.
Between killing our spare computer, the staff retiling the
bathroom doing a half-ass job (see picture), being the first, then last person at the food bank…..
Finally, once again I have broken the wooden antelope that
was my grand-mothers.
Mom had just re-glued it over the Holidays from the last
accident, and now I have broken it even worse, along with the carved dolphin my sister brought back from the Carribean.
All I can say is that I was glad Drew was here, to help, with his dilligence and unspoken desire just to help.
We found all the pieces. I don’t know what would/could have happened if he hadn’t been around.
Things were really shaky for a little while
At least I was able to glue the dolphin back together.
I don’t know if I can do the same with the antelope.

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