Much better

" Enough with dwelling — it’s time to start living. So like James Brown once said, get up offa that thing. Go dancing. Walk everywhere. Say hello to people you pass everyday, but se names you can’t remember"
16h47 : Ok, so maybe there’s more to these horoscope thingies than I originally supposed. Sometimes they even provide good advice.
At least today’s forecast made my day lighter. Better mood,
busy afternoon at the Community Library, slight scare when I thought I had lost all the info on the books I had entered
into the data base….Found it though (phew)
Chatted with Pamela, Renee AND….for a couple of seconds,
Mary, so things are looking good today, despite the overhead
I’ll be coming back to this Space later on. I need to start adding all the links I used to love putting in.
I don’t know…. people say I fill my Space up with crap,
but it’s my crap so
Anyhow, now that supper’s stewing (literally) I am off to bathe Corky. He’s smelling a wee bit too much like a dog for my taste, and that’s going to change fast if he expects to
be sleeping beside me tonight (LOL)

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