What’s the point?

Seems the reason my sister Laura didn’t call me when I was on the verge of a breaking point, mentally, on Monday was because it was the return of 24 and Prison Break.
And she wonders why I don’t bother calling her when I’m in trouble….
What a bloody excuse.
Oh, and the "you could have tried calling again, or used my cell"….She has FUCKING CALL VIEW, and screens her calls for Christ sake, so really what difference would that have made?
Would I have stood a better chance than Jack Bower on 24, as he watched a nuclear explosion mushroom over L.A., set off my Islamic fundamentalists (something Fox TV said they would never portray for fear of insulting fellow Americans).
Let’s face it Christopher…The only person’s feelings Laura seems concerned with these days are her own.
The fact that she called me back a day later, maybe to have discovered that it might have been a day "too late", is meaningless in her world.
There’s no point even trying to point this out to her, as she’ll just get upset. Perhaps even hanging up.
It’s no wonder she left Toronto Public Health for the private sector. PubHealth would have fired her sorry ass eventually for a lack of sensitivity and empathy with their clientelle.  And yet, she’ll professes to care.
Bah! Whatever.
It’s no wonder my mother is on the verge of cutting her second child off at the knees.
Laura is a loving person, when she WANTS to be.
It’s the rest of the time you have to be concerned about.
I do love my sister.
She can be a wonderful asset on occasions, and I know she loves me, but she’s married, has a career. Why would she want to drag herself down all the time just because I can’t handle life?
I’m so confused.
So far, in my quest for help I have called COTA Health for help, only to be asked to get my doctor to refer me to them???
Even if I do get referred, there’s a 30 day waiting period at the least.
I have tried calling my CHU Health Promotional Officer….still waiting on that one. Not holding my breath
Toronto Works finally will be providing me with my financial comp for January and February, but is going to do nothing after that. Yet, the Ontario Government encourages people to volunteer.
But there’s a catch. The Government figures that the only reason you should be volunteering is to gain skills for employment.
I volunteer because if I didn’t, I would completely cut myself off from humanity, so not only am I getting something out of it,so is the community/building. Filling the niches where skilled labourers refuse to work.
Wasn’t that the whole point to an extent?

What about all those people that don’t do anything except take up space, cash their monthly allowance and give nothing back to the community? That’s not right.


Ok, so this is all about a whopping extra $100/month, but it makes a big difference to me, and if Toronto Works is going to use the excuse of Provincial Legislation providing only a finite period for volunteering, then ….. what?
I woud like to know why you would cut someone off at the knees after 6 months of volunteering.
Some of us are borderline individuals ; not employable in the mainstream but not unhealth enough to be elegible for ODSP.
Sometimes, this is the only outlet we have to maintain contact with humanity, and your department’s finite period for a transportation allowance in this case causes irreperable damage to those who you would call "clients".
The title itself is a farce, for if we were clients, our needs would be respected more.
Why not just call us serfs and be done with it.
My volunteer work is my life.
For $100/month to fill a niche position, acting as the Tenant Rep / librarian in my building…. That’s not asking a lot.
Anyhow, I’ve since spoken with Curtis Palmer; he’s stopping by after 21h30 to try to figure something out for me.
I have an appointment with my TW Social Worker on the 7th of February, where I’m going to once again try to get my ODSP forms, and from there…. I have no idea. I’m not even certain if they will allow me the forms again.
Why does it seem sometimes, that there are no open doors for me to pass through. Just a series of dead ends in hallways that lead no where.

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