Quiting, plans and other sundries


Geezum, it’s cold out there. A warning has been out, and rightly so, as temperatures plummet to well below minus 20 degrees tonight.

I quit my position as Tenant Representative last night. Probably a good decision. Right now I cannot serve my building properly when it feels like my head’s moving in several directions at once.

I’m still going to work with the residents of my building, but that’s about it. I have also just been made aware that a good portion of the reason I have been having so many difficulties with CHU were the contractual arrangements that were made with Greenwin, which limits CHU’s involvement in this building, in fact every building that Greenwin runs for the TCHC.
In other words, although all TCHC building are to be treated equally, some are more equal than others. Ugh…

Curtis came by last night to talk me out of quitting, but once he realized that the decision had been made, we hashed out a game plan as to what to do next.
This means working on my ODSP and finding me a counsellor. Curtis has some connections with COTA, so I might be able to get a reference through him, instead of Dr. Hailu, the resident doctor I go to see at Women’s College Hospital.

Other than that. it was a wonderful afternoon at the Community Center downstairs, despite the cold.
It was filled with warmth and laughter, and I was glad I was able to be a part of it again.
I’ve missed it so.

Got an evite from Paul Eckford, who I know from the days when I was attending the Coming Out / Being Out at the 519 Community Center, for his birthday party, to be held next Saturday, Fabruary 3rd.

WinterCity also starts today. I’m hoping to go check out the ice statue display down at Nathan Phillips Square this weekend


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