Mixed precipitation

I am stuffed.
Laura called me earlier to comfirm plans we had made earlier this week. She and Jon were downtown around Front Street, and wanted to go out for Chinese.

I was thrilled.
Originally I had planned, as mentioned in a previous blog, that I intended to go to Nathan Phillips Square to see the WinterCity ice sculptures, but what with the with the weather and all….
So, Jon, with Laura in the passenger seat, drove all the way up here, in somewhat nasty road conditions (what is referred to as "mixed precipitation, so the street are messy. Should’ve head the sirens last night, what with all the accidents and all during rush hour. Around 500 accidents apparently, according to Global National), picked me up, and then drove all the way back down to a little place near Bay and Dundas.


The food was great, plenty of conversation, and a chance, finally to just be with my sis and her hubby.
Afterward, we made a quick dash to Best Buy.
Seems Jon has stolen Laura’s iMac once again, and she’s now shopping around for a cheap replacement. I don’t know why she would have thought she would have found anything cheap there, so she’s either going to see what’s posted out there on eBay, or go to what I refer to as "Computer Alley" just west of Spadina on College, where there are over 20 small computer stores, so competition is fierce, and bartering acceptable.
I would like to go down there soon as well, to purchase a new graphics card. I’m thinking either a G-force 6000 or Radeon 9000, so I can play some of the PC games I’ve developed some interest in, like Star Trek : Legacy or Final Fantasy XI online. There’s also the new World of Warcraft tempting me.
Drew has just called, to comfirm that he has deposited his rent into my account, and is on his way back from his shopping excursion.
Drew’s home now; he had to walk all the way back from Sherbourne/Gerrard (Yikes), although he did manage to get on the subway, where, can you imagine? He bumped into Eric Peterson from Corner Gas.

How come I never have these chance happenings occur?
Drew has just informed me that when I "killed" the spare computer, I fried the Intel Pentium 3 chip. Oops.


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