Saturday, what a day….

Been a busy day, despite my taking FOREVER to wake up this morning. Just couldn’t seem to drag myself out bed.

Wish I hadn’t either, considering how bright it was when I walked outside with Corky. Cold too. Still, has to beat the lousy weather systems that have been Europe, Japan and the States this past month, with more on the way. So many people have died from the winds alone.
Also figured I had to get a rush, considering I only had an hour and a half before Patricia and the students from Seneca College came to continue working on the library reno’s.
Fortunately enough, guess things were working out in my favour, as Patty had moved the day to Sunday. seems more students can attend, and that’s what I want.
Hopefully, the 2 cuties, Santiago and John are part of this season’s team.
Drew’s been downstairs in the Community Library, trying to install Windows Server 2003, in order to network our computer system better. He went down around 14h00 and it’s 20h30 now.
Meanwhile, I’ve been screwing around, trying to figure out this Small Library Pro program, doing laundry, making dinner, and will be vacuuming shortly.
Crikers, I sound like a housewife (ugh).
Bumped into Pamela earlier.
We’ve started mending fences. A relief to me, and a great start to the new year. I said I wanted a clean slate. Next up….Mary.
I’ll keep my fingers crossed Our relationship wasn’t on the same level as mine and Pamela’s was.
Still, we’ve both been civil to each other. That’s not too bad. Beats yelling and screaming. Not that that’s happenning, I’ll add.

20h39 : Guess I’ll bring Drew his dinner after Stargate Atlantis finishes. He loses track of the time when he’s caught up in tech-shit, and I want to watch the 13th episode of Torchwood.

Slippery when wet (another excuse for a delayed publishing)

Ok, this is a bit late, but I’m still catching up with last week.
I wrote this while still in St. Lazare, QC, but Windows Live Spaces was having network problems, I had a lot of pics to add (and dial up is a bitch for that) and since then I have had to reformat my computer twice (let’s not go into that, please?).
Anyhow, here it is:
Originally wrote on January 5th
It’s funny how much prettier everything out here in the countryside looks after 10 mm of freezing rain.
In cities like Toronto and Montreal, it’s just considered a mess and a nuisance. At least in Montreal though, people have had their snow tires on since mid-October. With Torontonians, you’re guess is as good as mine.
The end result : Multiple traffic accidents, due to people driving as they would normally, with no consideration for the change in circumstances. Pedestrians having to jump the water accumuation at street corners (which I think should be made into an Olympic sport, considering the size of some of these puddles).
Our sewer systems just can’t handle the water overflow, and nothing is going to change to improve that any time soon.
Then there’s all the people who fell/slipped, posible broken bones, etc… that clog our hospital systems.
Pretty as it is out here, that doesn’t make it any less dangerous, don’t get me wrong.
Accidents do happen, although St. Lazare uses a mixture of 30% salt and 70% pebbles, to help increase traction for pedestrians, vehicles and horses (you read that correctly).
This seems to cut the ratio of incidents down dramatically. Well that, and the fact that I think there’s only like, three paved roads out here.
Believe you me, this system works really well, and as a bonus, your car actually stands a fair chance not to rot away from salt corrosion within 3 years (unless it’s a Ford).
Anyhow, I decided to walk around the area and get some shots so that you could see what I see.

A funeral service and other such nonsence

06h15 : Well, managed to crawl out of bed to get ready for the funeral ceremony.
I know my mom’s up. I can hear her cursing, which means she’s stubbed her toe for the upteenth time on the end of the bed. You’d think after almost 40 years she’s learn.
We’ll be leaving in another hour, so I’m just going to to let y’all that despite my best efforts, i was never able to send that darn email through my Gmail POP3 account on Mozilla Thunderbird.
I was finally obliged to cut and paste and send it through Yahoo.
Definitely not my first choice.
On top of that, somehow, during all my saving copies of the aforementioned email to the draft folder, it got placed in simple typeset, pretty much losing any and all empahasis and effect on what I wanted to convey.
I’m finishing up a new version now, and will send it shortly. Gawds, I hope I don’t screw it up again somehow.
08h15 : and we’re off to the funeral home. TTYL

Service for Coleen’s mom was nice, except for her cousins’s singing, but we’ll let that pass. I just wish we had sat a few more rows away from her, had I known just how bad it was going to be.
How does someone literally rip, shred and maim "Amazing Grace"????

14h30 : finished walking the dog and have settled back down to update this blog.
I just finished reading my emails on MSN Hotmail.

Drew’s uncle finally passed away, after a long battle with cancer.


The service will be held this weekend in Collingwood(?). Must be another place that I tease Drew about being in the borderlands (aka, the 905 region)

16h35. Crikers, I cannot believe how long I have been sitting here. And for what? To create a new Gmail account strictly for my volunteer related works, to blab here, and to go through my spam.
Oh yeah, forgot about the trials I had to go through getting another Gmail account accepted by Thunderbird.
Will there ever be a Mail Server program that does every account out there, from IMAP
 to POP3 as well as HTML?
You’d think Mozilla, if any company would have done so by now.
I’ll email them now to place it on my Christmas wish list for next year.

Whimsical ramblings to pass the time, Thunderbird problems, and emails

It’s been a busy day (even though as I write this, it is now Friday, so technically a new is already in the process of beginning).
Sometimes though, the previous one just seems to drag on indefintely.
I’m sitting here even now, flipping between windows, to see if an email (I’ll add it in later) will go through my Gmail account or not.
I’ve already tried more than several times already since early yesterday morning, with always the same results in the end.
The email will reach a point where it’s at 77% delivered, and then an error message will pop telling me the setting of my POP3 are incorrect.
They seem to be working fine for everything else I’ve sent. It’s just this one email.
Maybe it’s due to the content, which although is politically correct, isn’t exactly pleasant either.
I have even, while peering through the Help section in Gmail, downloaded the Gmail POP3 Troubleshooter.
It’s supposed to check any and all connections and settings, and fix them.
Too bad that it’s "Not Responding" right at this moment. A common occurence these days. Guess I’ll shut it down and try using the program again, with the hopes of better success.
Drew, my roomie, already is aware that we will be reformatting my hard drive when I get back to Toronto.
This will be the second time round since he moved in.
I think I’ll go with the Windows XP Media version this time round, just to see what that offers.
Chances are, it’ll be the same amount of frustruation and heartbreak XP Home and Pro have already given me.
I have to get this email sent to, as it’s Tenant Rep related, and frankly, I’m at my wits end with the scenario it describes, and am trying to enlist any and all help I can muster.
Earlier this afternoon, now yesterday, my parents and I drove down to the funeral home for the viewing of Coleen’s mom, Ellen Rowan, nee Murray.
Mom only decided to mention that Ms. Rowan had already been cremated, so what was the point of going? Waste of money to me. What could the funeral home provide that the wake afterwards couldn’t?
Ok… it’s 00h23 and I’ve just sent another quick email through the same server with no problem, even though the Gmail Troubleshooter, after running it for the 3rd time advised me there was a problem with my DNS.
I seem to recall Drew telling me that the DNS Service had nothing to do with dial-up connections, but I’m no techno-genius, and for now will accept the programs prognosis.
There, I’ve restarted the DNS service in my Administrative Tools. My cry for help is still moving along it’s merry way. We’re at 46% now.
Anyhow, mom and I will be heading downtown for the funeral ceremony. It seems the right and respectful thing to do, as we both care for Coleen in our own ways.
I’m going to be exhausted, but I don’t want to wake up in the morning (06h15 should anyone care) only to find out that the damn email didn’t go through again.
Mom tells me to stop fretting. That "I can wait until next week when I get back to my apartment and my high speed", but right now logic isn’t something I want to hear.
ok, that and there’s going to be a C.H.U.25 Council meeting on the 15th, and I really want to see the shit hit the fan when a copy of this email reaches Toronto City Hall and several different Media outlets as well as Toronto Community Housing and my C.H.U. staff.
So this email HAS to be out well before hand, so that perhaps by the time the date of the meeting arrives, all of this will be resolved.
I hate being a prick about this (again, I will refer to the copy of the email for you viewers to refer to), but I have really been left with no choice, and I don’t like the recent attitudes I have been getting from those very TCHC staff members of C.H.U.25, that are supposed to be there to help us (Besides, some people will comment that it isn’t really a far stretch for me whem it comes to being a prick.).
Everyone’s entitled to their opinion. Just don’t expect me to let theirs get in my way of doing what I think is necessary.
00h40 and we have now reached 62%. Gmail Troubleshooter crashed again, so fuck it. Yet another dumb product that really doesn’t do anything more than report back to it’s corporate masters.
Only reason I can think of for it’s creation, is that I’m not the only one having this problem since Mozilla Thunderbird Version 1.5 came out, and Version 2.0 is in Beta testing (hate that version already too)
00h43 and that fucking error message I mentioned earlier has popped up. This time we didn’t even get to 70%.
I might have to email this straight from a web site instead.

Windows Live Mail. Why Change what isn’t broken?

This is supposed to be what computer  technology of the 21st Century is coming to.
No more actual software. Just one big integrated system, all to be handled by online servers.
Your spelling will be checked automatically, taking the need to know how to do so out of your hands.
Your security will handled of course, by Windows Live One Care Beta, free for now while in Beta formatr, but Windows hasn’t exactly got the best track record when it comes to quality security.
Windows Live Desktop Beta will keep track of all your stored data, making it easier for you, and Microsoft, to find out where and what youyou have stored. 

I’ve tried Windows Live Mail Beta now, 3 times. The full version has quite a few frills, but you rquire DSL, Wi-fi or broadband to use it, and the light version, in comparison with MSN Hotmail, isn’t even worth being called an equal.
And time is growing short. Microsoft/MSN, soon to called Windows Live in all their dealings with the public, is all set to launch these product and replace your previous beloved ones with their newer versions.
Last time they (Windows) pulled such a stupid stunt, it was called Windows 98, and we the public are still recovering from that mess. And if you want the really good
So are we prepared to accept another?

may you find peace in the next world Ms. Rowan

I start these musings off now on Notepad.
I’ve lost too many pieces of my written work to "random errors", usually due to something I’ve done, and frankly, getting upset serves absolutely no purpose whatsoever.
Once again, I’m catching y’all up on events that occured a few days ago, just prior to the New Year. This one is a sadder moment.
Coleen, my parent’s roomie; I’ve mentioned her before in the past, lost her mother on December 30th at aproximately 20h00.
It wasn’t like it was unexpected.
Ms. Rowan Sr. was in the final stages of Alzheimers, and emphasema, which was never helped by Coleen’s sister, Linda taking her out of the seniors residence where she was staying just so that she could have Mom present at her family events.
Ms. Rowan Sr. always came back with some lung infection, and she had reached the point where she could no longer aspirate on her own. I guess this time round, her body just wasn’t able to carrry her along any longer.
I met Ms. Rowan Sr. a few years ago, and although at that point her alzheimers had progressed to the point where she could no longer communicate, she still came off (to me that is) as a pleasant woman.
Coleen would say differently, based on earliers years, but I do know she loved her mother very much.
So, to the whole family, I wish to extend my condolensces and deep regrets. I know nothing will ease the pain of your loss, but that will pass in time, and you will able to look back on the memories in a better light.

End of an era

This was another email sent out, to advise everyone that my other Hotmail account was being closed.
Hey all
For those of you who actual read your email may know by now, the unlimitedNRG Ltd. MSN Hotmail account will be coming to a close soon.
It’s been a great Ten year run people, and I won’t forget any of them, but sometimes you have to have to just walk away from something so as to regain some perspective on things. At least, that’s what my horrorscope seems to think.
To those who have yet to reply, either because you have forgotten, didn’t receive the email (hey, these things happen), been far too busy with holidays, or plain just don’t want to maintain a relationship with me any longer, it’s all good.
Friendships may come and go, but the memories last a lifetime.
So RSVP ASAP if you want the new addy. I will be no longer actively using Windows Live Messenger as of the 1st of January, but will keep up emails to this account until the 15th. You have until then to let me know your intentions.
Have a Happy New Year, no matter how you might celebrate it, but most of all just be safe.