Concerns regarding the Davenport Safety Council

Michelle’s returned. The troublesome one that lives on the 25th Floor is back from her stint in prison.
Joe and I bumped into her riding down on the elevator.

Which leads into my concern.

Joe seems to be questioning the motives of any of the residents, on the basis of whether they talk to some of the "labelled" individuals in our community.
He cited Roger as an example. The very same Roger that sits on the committee.

Since when did just talking to someone pleasantly, regardless of their status, become a crime?

Perhaps I am mistaken, but this was the impression that I got from Joe, and in truth, it really bothers me, since Michelle said hello to me. She knows me from the Community Centre  in the sub-basement. So I’m guessing I am now lumped in with Roger.

Guilt by association.

Shall I prepare a cross for the eventual witch burning this council might start, if they aren’t put in their place right away as to their intents?


One thought on “Concerns regarding the Davenport Safety Council

  1. Bloody hell!!!  There is just no getting rid of that woman.  She\’s been to the tribunal and has been evicted.  What is it going to take to get her out of here?!?!  Just when you think that one major troublemaker is outta here, she\’s back like a bad smell!!!  Will nobody in a position of power have the balls to follow through and get these people out of here?  How many more fires does she have to set?  How many more people does she have to assault?  I do NOT believe this!

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