Seniors, Dogs and other stuff not neceassarily about me

21h08 (yesterday)
Writing again from my parents place in St. Lazare, QC.
Got here on Saturday.
My sister Laura and husband Jon drove me part of the way here, to Joyceville, just east of Kingston. We met up with my folks at the Husky restaurant/gas bar and grabbed a nice lunch, before piling into my parents van and driving the rest of the way here, while Jon drove my sister back to Toronto.
It’s been nice, getting back here. Quiet. Been keeping busy though.
In fact, this is the first time really that I have had a chance to get on the computer to jot down any details.
11h03 (today – sigh)
As you can see, there’s my usual gap in attentiveness.
Got caught up in catching up with last week’s episode (1×18) of Heroes.
Can’t get enough of that television show. The plot has yet to go sour, and keeps me craving me for more.
Mom got to see how I watch my shows these days, via internet, sans commercials. I think the only thing she can complain about is that she’s used to watching her stuff on a 32" screen, not a 17 incher.
Oh well. Can’t get everything you want, all the time.
Right now, Mom’s gone into town to see Noreen, who’s still a guess of the Queen Mary Hospital, but maybe for not much longer.
We’re hoping to move Noreen into a permanent care residence in my old home town of Pointe-Claire, near one of my old childhood haunts, South West One.
The residence is REALLY nice, if I must say so. Lots of wood, and effort has been put into making the building comfortable to it’s residents. Brand new facility too.
I’ll get some pictures of it next time I visit, to show y’all.
Anyhow, we’re just waiting for all the paperwork to get done up, so that Noreen can be released, and then it’s moving time again.
Seems like every vacation I take is a working one. Which is fine by me. Lets me channel my physical energies into something useful other than pacing my apartment.
Anyhow, Dad’s also out right now, with Quincy. They’re down at the DMZ (no idea as to what that means) in Lachine, having Quincy’s eyes checked out. He’s completely blind now in his right one, and cataracts are growing over the left. Mom & Dad don’t know yet what they’ll do if he loses sight in both.
Dog’s still healthy (for a purebreed), and the cost of surgery is aproximately $2 grand, plus follow-ups. They’ll broach that hurdle when they get to it.
I’m stuffed. Food is plentiful here, and it’s a joy to make use of it.
Just finished watching my cartoons. Yes, you read that correctly. I still watch cartoons. In this case, the Legion of Super-heroes.
I’ve waited 30 years for this. They were, and still are, one of my favourite comic book series put out by DC Comics, a division of Warner Brothers.
Certain liberties have been taken with the characters, and the writers aren’t using the entire cast, but who cares? It’s a hoot, albeit rated Y for 7 years old and up. LOL
Just finished eating dinner.
Mom got back from visiting Noreen at the hospital with some dismal news. Noreen weighs only about 56 lbs. FUCK!!!
Can you imagine?
What’s worse is that the staff up to this point were not really in synch with this. The hospital had actually been talking about Noreen’s release, until this hit the fan.
Now Noreen has a feeding tube down her sinus, and they’re going to be drip feeding her 18 hours a day, to ensure that her self-starvation stops.
Sure, the crone’s disease has played a major part in this, but Noreen’s depression has also played significantly into this too.
I’m just glad they caught on.
Mom’s really worried. I would be too.
Noreen’s older sister Helen all of a sudden wants to come down to visit. How kind of her (read sarcasm).
Would have been kinder if she had got off her ass all of these years and done something, long before it got to this stage, instead of making the occasion call of inquiry. Only time she’s even expressed any interest whatsoever is when she thinks she can get something out of (bitch) it. Noreen’s still stubborn enough to not want her here, and Mom certainly wants nothing to do with helping Helen or her daughter Denni make arrangements in staying.
Just finished watching the movie Eragon, based on the book of the same name. Thank goodness I had not read it yet. The book’s 800+ pages, the movie is only an hour and half +. I should have figured there would be some drastic plot cuts based on that information.

2 thoughts on “Seniors, Dogs and other stuff not neceassarily about me

  1. Wow!  Sounds like Noreen is in pretty bad shape.  Thats a VERY low body weight!!!  I hope she recovers.
    I also hope that you have a happy birthday.  I would have sent you a card but I couldn\’t get on the net since Monday!!!
    I\’m sorry to hear about Quincy.  He\’s such a cutie!  Maybe the cataract surgery will allow him to keep his sight.
    I sure hope so.
    Talk to you soon,

  2. I\’m going to make a correction to Noreen\’s weight.
    It is, in fact, around 53 lbs, not 57 like I originally thought/typed.
    As for Quincy, he seems to be doing well in any case. He\’s playing and loving. Just have to be careful when you come up on his sightless side that you don\’t catch him unawares.
    It\’s safer to tall to him. This avoids the potential of unpleasant happenings on both parties part.

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