A/C, funeral home directors and water problems

Mom & Dad left about 45 minutes ago.
They’re driving to the east end to speak with a funeral director about Noreen.
Mom’s trying to downplay all this,what with Grand-Dad having done the same two years in advance of his passing, but somehow I suspect the writing’s on the wall.
Aunt Nancy and Uncle Doug should be pulling in from Markham sometime early this evening, to offer whatever support they can, and to utilize Nancy’s skills both as a nurse as well as being a Director of several permanent care residences, to help smooth over what difficulties can be managed.
Nancy and Doug arrived a couple of hours ago.
Dad and I drove into town to get steamies from La Belle Province, one of Quebec’s premiere home grown restaurant chains.
Now we’re just chillaxing.
Our water is out. Some trouble with the neighbourhood pump.
No idea how long that could take to be fixed.
Apparently, the man who own it is a prick, and cannot be brought to justice. Something about being the former mayor and the province owing him.
It’s wonderful how local residents can be held hostage thank to political croneism.
Dad’s says it’s been tried by other people in the past, including the Canadian Army during Ice Storm ’98, when he took the generator that had been supplied to keep the area’s water going, to no avail, so people just have to wait until old fart dies.
Only in Quebec can you still have feudal warlords dictating terms.

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