snowstorms, packing, and dog walks

Offered to go with my mom into town today, so that we can take apart the bed frame that will be going back down to my place eventually. Nancy and Doug were going to help, but with another big storm expected to be hitting south eastern Quebec and New England, Mom think they would be better off going to the South Shore now, to visit Uncle Doug’s sister Pat and her family, prior to the hellacious weather settling in.
Got back earlier, but decided on taking a shower and then trying to install the Epson Stylus C60 printer drivers onto my computer, which I have brought from Toronto with me, to spare mom any anguish over screwing up hers.
I’m still working on installation as I type. For some reason this printer is being a tad stubborn with it’s installation, and I’m a bit concerned by what Microsoft means when they tell me that the drivers that came with the installation disk are not digitally signed.
11h11am – the next day.
Ok. things got a little hectic last night.
After walking Socrates, my aunt and uncle’s blind Schnauzer, I arrived back at the garage door accompanied by the onset of the storm, Corky in hysterics once again for having been left behond for all of 5 minutes, and my aunt and uncle, back from the their trip to the South Shore.
I also now had a headache. It had been a long day after all, and after watching an episode of season 1 of Law & Order, on the portable DVD/CD/MP3 player, I decided that it was time to retire for the night.
Sleeping seemed to be a little bit of a hassle, thanks in part to the fur ball, who decided that he was cold, and had snuggled his way into the twin bed I’m using.
I awoke to a shriek when I rolled over this morning. Great for those early morning attacks, if you catch my drift. This was at 06h30 aproximately.
His furriness had been woken by my turning over, and, assuming that might be mistaken for a body pillow, panicked.
So, after much calming down on both of our parts, we, meaning I, tried to go back to sleep. This only led to further frustruations as we wrestled for dominance of the bed.
I gave up sometime around or after 07h30, got up, had some coffee and breakfast, went out and shovelled some snow, came back inside and shot somne photos of that pileated woodpecker and his posse of bluejays around the bird feeder, and, as everyone else was now getting up, decided to go back to bed for a nap.
I was not in a sociable mood at the time.
I”m feeling somewhat better now.
I’m a bit sore from shovelling. Despite it just being powder this is first shovelling job in over a year.
Right now I’m looking for the rules on Farcko, for my Uncle Doug so that the older crowd can play a few rounds (?).
As for me, I’m probably going to continue going through my accumulated emails, and watch to TV in a bit.

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