Superman, modems, hospital visits, and moving violations

Wow. I just finished watching epsidoe one of Superman : the Animated Series. I definitely have to give it two thumbs up,
as Siskel and Roger do these days (We still miss you Ebert). Warner Bros. has continued to bring quality to the DC Universe.
Done up by the same folks and retro style of animation that brought the initial Batman series of the 90’s into the forelight,
this one not only honours the originals, but also adds new twists into the chronicles of the last son of Krypton.
I really enjoyed the origin of Brainiac. Far more so than what has been done with character in the comic books, or at
least the ones I had read up to until 1998. You can’t really classify him as a villain the way he has been wrote. Just a
coldly logical machine, willing to take whatever steps necessary to preserve itself as the final repository of all things
Kryptonese (there’s a word I have never used in print before).
The best part of all of this is that because the writer and animators did not only the Batman and Superman : TAS, they
also did the Justice League and Justice League Unlimited, so all the characters and plot threads carry on through, with
no discontinuity.
Something I have never before seen in an animated series, with the exception of Robotech, by Harmony Gold, or
These are not your daddy’s cartoons boys and girls. Trust me on that 😉
Bed bugs:
Before I left the Dot a week ago, I was extremely upset.
A fellow resident had brought to my attentions the possibility
that our building’s Community Library/Clothing Centre, the one that Pamela, Mary, Renee and myself have been working so
hard in, might be infested with bed bugs.
It was alleged that the resident, upon borrowing a few books from the Centre, had opened the pages of one while sitting
at home in her apartment, only to discover the varmints, still alive despite the cold, inside the book.
I was horrified, really.
The thought of having to throw all of that work, all those new books out into the recycling bin, for fear that the books
could inadvertantly infest other residents apartments, was a crushing defeat.
Fortunately enough, my fears have been put to rest via one of the earth mother’s children, Tara aka. Pamela.
She has reassured me that such is NOT the case, and that the Centre is back up and running normally.
Thank the Goddess for people such as her 🙂
She has also wisely advised me, and I’m inclined to agree with her, that for now, posting of any materials regarding
those pesky blood-suckers, may not be the smartest idea. Even if it’s only on the seldom looked at bulletin board
downstairs beside the library door entrance of the Centre.
Pamela’s logic is that we have a number of Henny Penny’s in our building, and she strongly feels, and I’m going to follow
her on this one because I have seen personally that it is VERY true, that anything that we ourselves may do could, even
if it is with good intentions, will just add fodder to a possible inferno of over-reaction and gossip mongering.
So, I’m just going to wait and ask instead, whenever I get back, what CHU, TCHC and Greenwin Properties are going to do
instead to advise residents of this ongoing problem, rather than take the initiatve myself for now.
I don’t wish to step on anyone’s toes if they already have the situation in hand.
Thank you Pamela, for ensuring that sky doesn’t fall on us another day. Luv ya’.
Noreen update:
I had my first chance to go and see Noreen yesterday.
Mom and I drove into into the Ville de Montreal, just after aunt Nancy, uncle Doug & Socrates had pulled out to head back
down to Markham. We even manged to get a parking spot directly in front of the Queen Mary Hospital, something that has never
happened in all my years, and this includes my birth.
Noreen’s up on the fifth floor. She shares a room with another elderly woman, french speaking regretfully. Noreen only
speaks only english, despite living in Quebec all her life. Why do people cripple themselves like that?
In any case, We entered the room to find her eating her first actual meal with meat in it (the notice that accompanied
said meal indicated she had been supposed to have served Mac & Cheese, ewwww, but Mom says that it’s easy for her to eat,
as it just slides down her throat.)
Noreen’s got the feeding tube down her nostril and down her throat again.
The hospital staff had taken her down for X-rays that morning, as they are still ascertaining whether it has been
adjusted properly. Seems Noreen has a small blockage or protuberance, that has been making what would normally be a
simple procedure into something a bit more difficult.
Moving on…. So Mom helped Noreen get what food she can eat into her mouth, the main reason why Mom’s visits are timed
to arrive just as lunch is being served. Noreen can be very fussy without some prompting, and Mom is having none of that.
Noreen was pleased to see me, and I her. We only chatted for about an hour before she started hinting that perhaps we
should go.
These up and down trips to various departments in the hospital are quite wearing on her, and understandably so, so we bid
our adieus and left.
I hope she’s able to see me again prior to my going home to the Dot. I’ll just keep my fingers crossed and take it day by
day. There’s no point fretting over that which I have no power over whatsoever.
We went and picked up Mom’s Dell Dimension 2100 yesterday from Bureau En Gros/ Staples. She had decided to leave it there
Friday afternoon, to get a new USR V.92 modem installed that she was having some troubles with. Seems the software, Internet
Call Notififier, was not recognizing the hardware.
Which was odd. I have a similar momem in mine, from the same company, and it’s working fine. I even had offered it to
her, since they have dial up, and getting their phone calls is important, but she refused.
Fine. Her decision.
The kid at Bureau installed everything, but could not verify if the software worked or not. Seems they don’t need call
waiting there, with multiple phone lines available.
So we had to wait to test it when we got home.
It doesn’t work, even after we installed the updated Windows XP drivers.
It’s an older model. Pre-twenty first century.
Don’t understand why it’s not configuring properly. Even tried it in my IBM NetVista PC, which is a bit more versatile when it comes
to adapting to new hardware.
So, Mom now has to go back to the Kirkland store, to either get her money refunded that she paid for the installation, or
some sort of credit if not.
Montreal General Hospital
Mom & Dad were up early this morning. Around 05h00 I think. They needed to be up that early to beat the morning rush hour traffic into town. Dad had laser eye surgery down at the Montreal General, scheduled for 09h30, to stem the onset of the glaucoma.
When they were leaving the hospital, Mom was at the wheel of the Honda Accord. She made a left when exiting, something
they have done in the past, despite signage indicating that right turns only. Today they learned why they should pay
A Montreal police cruiser was sitting there, patiently waiting for people to do the same thing my Mom had just done.
$150 dollars later.

One thought on “Superman, modems, hospital visits, and moving violations

  1. Hi.  I did another thorough check of the clothing centre / library area…opened and looked through roughly enery 20th book in the place.  I\’d already been through all the clothing centre stuff.  Again, I didn\’t find a thing.  Thank the Goddess!!!  It may be a good idea to post some information regarding bedbugs in the office or on the bulletin board in the lobby.  I did a little reading on the subject and, apparently, it\’s becomming a serious problem in Toronto.  However, I still feel that the information is better kept distant from "our doorstep."  People will see it just as easily in the lobby or via a door-to-door posting and it will prevent some loony-tunes from spreading erroneous information about the state of our working area.
    Mary became a Great Grandmother this past Saturday so, she took off so see the new addition to her family.  It\’s a boy.  This is her first great grandchild so, she\’s pretty exited.
    Is Noreen getting any better?  It seems that it\’s a good sign that she\’s taking in a little solid food.  How did your dad\’s eye surgery go?  My mother is going to have the same thing sometime in the next couple of months.
    I got a second hotmail account – mostly because I needed the space for storage in my group.  I\’m still trying to figure out how to get the different fonts, sizes and colours, etc…Eventually, I\’ll figure it out.
    Are you still coming home at the end of the month?

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