Hospitals, hips and hospitality

Coleen, my parent’s room-mate and friend has had a fungal infection in her mouth and throat, called either Mycosis or "Thrush" for the past couple of weeks. She originally  had it checked at the Montreal Jewish General just before my parents drove down highway 40/401 to the dot to take me back with them, but had not heard anything back from them concerning the results of the swab test, etc…
So Mom drove her to the Jewish this morning, and I accompanied my Dad to the Montreal General Hospital for the follow-up on his laser surgery for his eyes from yesterday.
En route, Dad pointed out where the Ville de Montreal will be starting to build one of the new super hospitals that have been on the drawing board, on land that had been previously owned by Canadian Pacific. The old Glen Yards had been the main site for their trainyards until the latter part of the previous century, at the edge of the Town of Westmount.
This new super hospital, when completed, will officially end the lives of four of Montreal’s oldest institutions, including the Montreal Childrens and the venerated Royal Victoria Hospital. The Montreal General will be transformed into more of convalescence style hospital, with some minor works to still be continued on there. The bulk of it’s operations however, will be moved to the new facility.
The Shriner’s Hospital – Canada, currently located on Cedar Avenue opposite the MGH, will also be relocating it’s work from it’s current lofty position on the mountain, so as to be closer to the new edifice. This is, after all, a critical care hopsital for children. This move however, is still up for debate, as a prominent member of the upper echelon of the Shriners of North America, has moved for a third vote. He’s still lobbying for the hospital to be upped and relocated to his home state of Georgia. The City of London, in Ontario, had also been vying for the organization to move it’s world renown hospital there, but lost in the second round. Sorry folks, no hard feelings I hope.
Mom’s gone to Curves, a physical fitness center for mature women. No longer do women who have done their time and paid their dues be forced ever again to endure the agony of having to face their younger teeny bopper brethren. Apparently it can be quite intimidating to them.
Permanent Care Residences
Still waiting to see what will happen with Noreen after she is well enough to be discharged from St. Mary’s Hospital.
Mom spoke to Susan, the head of the nursing staff at Le Vivalis, the private seniors residence in Pointe-Claire that Mom is hoping to move Noreen into.
This is becoming a pressing concern, as the lease runs out on Noreen’s old apartment at the St. Moritz residence in Saint Laurent around the 12th of April, I believe.
Fortunately enough, Johanne, the social worker at the hospital, has reassured Mom that should there be some delays, the hospital, upon discharge, can move Noreen up to the convalescence ward on the seventh floor of the same building, which will allow Mom to continue her pursuits in securing Noreen a new home, knowing that she will have a place of safety to stay (and not here in St. Lazare, a thought Mom dreads).
Update: Susan called yesterday from Le Vivalis, to arrange an appointement with Mom at St. Mary’s for 10h30, on this coming Friday.
She and Mom will go over Noreen’s case with the doctor and staff responsible for Noreen’s care, in order to better ascertain whether the residence will be able to care for Noreen properly, and what will need to be done to ensure such care.
We’re going out for supper tonight.
The place we’re going to go dine at is called Mon Village. It’s a lovely place, set in a heritage home, built, I think, prior to the 20th Century (confirmed now. It was 1879.).
Good food, friendly staf, and a fireplace Mom could die for, which is why we generally wind up sitting somewhere close by to the damn thing, which winds up being a bit too warm for my taste, but it makes her happy, so meh.
09h22 (YES!! The next day)
As written last night, we enoyed a comfortable dinner at Mon Village.
Today, the game plan is that Mom, Dad and Coleen (Providing she feels well enough. The medications prescribed for her mouth by the Jewish General are upsetting her stomach terribly.) will drive back downtown together.
Dad will stick around with Coleen for an hour or so, as parking is easier obtainable at the Jewish, while Mom goes and visits Coleen

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