Pets food, weather, more on Noreen and power outages

My air conditioner was dropped back off here this morning, all serviced, clean and happy.
I’m hoping for much better success this year when the annual summer sweat-fest hits the Dot.
There has been a huge scare, south of the border as usual, with some beloved furry companions dying from eating nutritional products from one of the United State’s largest pet food suppliers, while others have been left with debilitating health problems, such as kidney failure, etc….
Mom has had me do a quick once-over on my computer to the web site, to ascertain whether any of the brands of dog and cat food they use regularly are on the recall list.
Firstly, for those of you who are reading this, let me reassure you that almost none of the Canadian brands of the same names as those of the States are affected by this.
Secondly, if you are not buying your pet food from retail outlets, you also should have no problems, as there is a difference with the quality of the food being sold at, let’s say, Wal-Mart Canada vs the a product from the same company being sold at Pet-Smart.
One style of retail outlet demands quantity, the other sdemands quality. The first can afford, due to quantity, to offer the products at a lesser value. The second, because it does not, may charge you more due to specialization, but you can be damn well guaranteed that the product is of a much better grade than the one being sold at the first.
My condolenses are extended to those people who lost their beloved companions, and to those who have now been burdened by their treasured friends pain and hardship due to this mishap.
Spring in Sainte Lazare, QC
I wish the weather would make up it’s mind today, as to which way it wants to go. Mother Nature must be having her period or something, based on the meteorological mood swings.
We start off with early morning freezing rain here, enough so that you can hear car tires squealing away to gain traction, yet by time Dad finished sanding the drive, the ice was already on its way to melting. Next we have a big boom of thunder, then just grey overcast. Next up, brief, yet intense rain falls, and now we have the sun peeping through the cloud banks.
Oh, and lest I forget, the high today is supposed to be somewhere around 13 degrees Celsius.
Well, according to CTV Montreal, that brief period of sun was it. Oh well. There will be plenty of tomorrow’s where there will be plenty.
Power failures / brown outs
Power came back on about 20 minutes ago or so.
This happens often out here. My parents live so far out from Saint Lazare that they would be considered rural to those actually living in the rural sector of the wilderness. The slightest thing can cause the power to go astray, whether it be strong winds, branches falling or suicidal squirrels bent on inspecting the power tranformers too closely (I shit you not.).
Yet another Noreen Update:
Noreen will be moved tomorrow from her current floor, to a temporary long term care ward on the seventh or eighth floor of St. Mary’s Hospital.

My guess is that this is due to an improvement in her overall eating habits, for now. Dad spoke with her earlier, and she was even reading her scandal magazine.
However, she was really worried at first. Thought she was being sent up to some loonie bin ward, since it was the same floor they had moved her bedmate to (and the only reason Noreen considered her loonie was because she couldn’t speak a word of english or french. Just italian.).

This will certainly be beneficial to my mother’s stress level. It’s been eating her up.

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