Honking, health matters, hotels, heroes, smoked meat, new homes and a baby thrown in for good measure

I just heard the Canadian geese honking away while I was outside in the backyard. The surest sign that Spring is returning finally to Sainte Lazare.
Mom & Dad came back from a long morning/afternoon at St. Mary’s.

They’d had a meeting at 10h30 with Susan from Le Vivalis, to go over Noreen’s medical needs and to ascertain whether or not the private residence would be able to meet her needs.
They were also to meet someone else in billing at the hospital, to make certain Noreen’s private room and the accompanying expenses were all met.
This afternoon, after they were finished paying a visit to Noreen as well, who was celebrating her move and room upgrade by wearing her dentures, sans Poli-dent (another item mysteriously disappeared), they drove around the mountain to Montreal l’Ouest to the Montreal Association for the Blind, to see Nana.

Aunt Penny, my Dad’s sister and her husband Jack, had just drove into town from their home in Milford, Massachusetts and were just arriving as my parents were leaving. There was a bit of a delay, due to a snafu at the hotel they were going to be staying at. Their Visa acount had been billed, but there were no rooms had been reserved. Odd, and quite agravating, honestly, but the hotel got things straightened out. They have stayed at this place in the past, not only due to it’s proximity to the M.A.B. but also because it is all on one level, which makes it much easier for uncle Jack, who has multiple sclerosis.
Good morning once again class.
Today’s lesson should be how to finish a journal entry on time, like it matters. I don’t have that big an audience these days, and I intend on keeping it that ways for a bit, if not longer.
Despite having a bit of a head-achey feel for most of the day yesterday, I did manage to go back with my mom into downtown Sainte Lazare (one strip mall, 35 hair dressing boutiques.) to get some pizza and poutine from this restaurant called Bravos. Nice place. Busy. Couple of Huge 52" plasma HDTV’s.
Too bad the majority of stations are broadcasting in regular definition still. Sure, it makes the men look more muscular, but shorter, and the all the women I’ve seen so far look like little Russian babushkas, thick as black oak trees.
Think I’ll wait at least 5 more years before I even start entertaining the notion of getting one for myself, although certainly not something of the same size. I have enough problems trying to get wall hangings to stay on my concrete walls. A plasma television is just asking for it.
Coleen has been feeling better the last couple of days, finally. She joined us for dinner, although she ate instead of pizza a lighter meal of buttered spaghetti with baby carrots.
Later, after we had cleaned up, we all mosied down to the family room to watch the second installment on Disney’s "Pirates of the Carribean" series, "Dead Man’s Chest".

Jonny Depp was born to the role of Captain Jack Sparrow. Coleen loves him, and although my Mom mentioned something about his swagger looking a bit efininate, I consider the character more of  dandy or fop, which although similar in appearance is something different at the same time. But what do you expect of a culture that thought wigs made them look more staturely?)
We got in a short while ago from seeing Nana, aunt Penny and Jack. Nana was asleep almost the entire time we were there. At 89, these family visits can take a lot out of here.
She woke up and gathered her wits together though in time for her dinner. The rest of us headed over to Restaurant Serre Picasso, for smoke meat dinners, before we all headed our seperate directions.
Oh yeah, my cousin Debbie is 3 months pregant with her and her hubby Matt’s third kid. Hope she gets her tubes tied after this one. Penny and Jack are already exausted from all the others.
Coleen was back by the time we got home, She had gone out to spend some time with her kids, Susanne and Michelle, and look at some houses that are up for sale.
Michelle and her boyfriend Kirk, are looking for a place to set up some roots, and they think, with aproval from their mom and her ex-husband John, that a house they had an eye on in Rigaud is the one.
I glanced at the specs, and it seems like a really nice deal, and at $129K, what they are getting is far and beyond anything someone could conceive of in the Dot.
Tomorrow they’re going to tender their bed, and since apparently no one else has looked at the place, chances are they should be able to get it.

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