Snow, smite, shifts & salvation

We have about 3 cm’s of snow still on the ground from last nights flurries. Right now, if you looked out a window, you
wouldn’t think that Spring had been making an impact up until 18 hours ago here. It will be gone by lunch time though, I’m
My neck is kind of sore this morning. Comes from sleeping with my head curled up into my chest as I seek escape from the
light for another few minutes of sleep. Defensive position I guess, or fetal. Either way, it’s no wonder a baby starts to
scream after it first emerges from a womb. After nine months in that cramped position, that has to be one STIFF neck that
kids is squacking about.
Mom and I left this morning to go to St. Mary’s Hospital to see Noreen.
She is now up on the seventh floor, north ward, facing l’Oratiore St. Joseph, North Am’s largest Catholic church. It’s quite
a sight to take in, honestly.
I’ve been there twice, once just to look around, the second to see what Midnight Mass was all about. My friends and I had
found seats up on the stage(?) behind the officiating Cardinal. It was crowded, and had taken a long time just getting in there, what
with trying to find a parking spot. You would not believe the trouble you have with finding a spot with thousands of
catholics trying to get the same place. There was some rather unreligious language used that someone would be repenting for
later on.
So I was already in a foul mood. This had not been my idea originally, and when I learned that the entire mass was in Latin,
I had had enough, dragged my friends off stage, in front of thousands, left, and headed for the nearest Tim Horton’s to salve
my temper.
I have tried to avoid Holy Mother Church since then. I’m quite certain there is a poster with my face on it with the words
"Smite this person immediately upon entry".
Noreen’s looking well, although before we had arrived, she had worked herself into a state, feeling sorry for herself. Mom
clued in to this when she mentioned that she had been feeling nauseous all morning.
Noreen generally gets that way when something is stressing her out. In this case, it’s having to adjust to a new routine and
new people since she was moved from the fifth floor.
She’s like me in that respects. We like having things a certain way, and don’t take it well when something causes our
regualarity to be shifted astray.
Still, by the time we pulled out of there, Noreen was in much better spirits. I hope she’s able to maintain them, as we, and
I mean Mom won’t be able to visit again until Wednesday earliest, I think. There is far too much going on in the next couple
of days. Coleen may drop in though on Tuesday, when she is in the area. She has an appointment not too far away from there at
the Jewish General.
Headed over to Residence St. Moritz after that.
Mom wanted to go through Noreen’s clothing. She needs to get the amount whittled down considerably, prior to the move, as
Noreen will only have a room rather than an apartment.
We managaged to stuff three orange garbage bags worth of clothing and drop them off at the Salvation Army boxes just off the
exit into Saint Lazare. Mom feels that at least what’s left back at the apartment now is becoming manageable.
We’ll deal with the remainder of Noreen’s stuff on Tuesday, prior to Meldrum the Movers coming in on Wednesday to give the assessment
for the move to Le Vivalis.

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