Voting in QC, a Successful Sale, Screwing around at St. Mary’s and 2 Dogs Having Fun

Mom and Dad left earlier this morning. Haircuts, lease signing at le Vivalis and some other items were on the schedule. There’s also the small matter of casting one’s vote, as today is Quebec’s provincial elections.
My father has always said that really, there are only two parties to really vote for when you’re in Quebec, the provincial Liberals or the Parti Quebecois. Everything else is really a vote wasted, since no other party matter when you tally it all up.
Sure, there’s now the Action Democratique Quebec, and a few others, and apparently the ADQ has made quite a
number of inroads since it’s inception, but really what it comes down to is idealogy. Do you want Quebec to start part of Canada, or do you want it to be it’s own country.
Either way, it bogs the system down for another few years, tying up finances and resources that could better used in working towards easing the provincial debt, an astonomical figure of $127 billion, the unemployment rate, fifty percent, infrastructure, etc…
Instead time is wasted in arguing about Quebec’s future and it’s place in Canada, which, as far as I’m concerned when you’re driving along highway 20 into the city, seeing how dirty it is, looking at all the empty industrial buildings, is really a moot point. Seems to me that while everyone is arguing about what is good for Quebec, they have forgotten what would be GOOD for Quebec, like a stable economy and political structure. One that doesn’t scare people away.
Tossing good money after bad to flog a dead horse is doing no one any good.
I can understand where french Quebecers are coming from, but once a decision has been made, perhaps it would be better for a parti here to shrug it’s shoulders, console itself that it fought the good fight, and now work on making things right.
Just a thought.
Just finished playing ball with Quincy and Chelsie. Quincy is hilarious, chasing that huge exercise ball around the house, Chelsie with her smaller one, now punctured from a glancing tooth, chasing after him.
Coleen got some good news. The owners of the house that her daughter Michelle and her boyfriend Kirk had looked at accepted their bid at $127k. About a thousand dollars more than their original bid, but still better than the $135k the owners had originally wanted until their agent talked them down.
Now Coleen has to come up with a thousand dollars to loan Michelle, to make up for the balance, payable over five years. It’s a good thing Mom has offered Coleen a job for 2 weeks, taking care of Noreen until she’s moved into her new place. Seems that in order to have someone from We Care, a private nursing care company, come in for 14 hours a day, to attend Noreen, who not only needs company but also someone to help with her feeding, it’s going to cost over two thousand dollars.
Mom would prefer that sort of money goes to someone closer to home. I would have offered, but despite having renewed my Ontario Driver’s liscence, Mom and Dad won’t let me drive any of the cars.
Well, as usual, the shit’s hitting the fan when it comes to hospitals.
This is the second day in a row that we’re hearing that the hospital staff up on the seventh floor of St. Mary’s are doing a less than pathetic job of taking care of Noreen.
So much so that Mom is making a special trip into the city of Notre Dame de Grace, where the hospital is, to go speak to Noreen’s original doctor down on the fifth floor, where she had been bed prior to her transfer, and demand answers as to what is going on exactly.
Noreen’s meals are being played around with, to see what she will and will not actually eat, but no alternatives are offered, just in case. There is also no one currently helping her eat in her weakened condition.
She’s being left to lie in bed for hours, while suffering from diahrea, and no to attend to her, or she’s being wheeled out into the hallway in a wheelchair, to sit there for no reason.
Mom is almost prepared to have ger checked out of the hospital the moment the lease at le Vivalis is signed, regardless if Noreen’s furniture and stuff has not been moved as of yet. There’s already temporary stuff in there, so Noreen could make do until everything catches up, and Mom would be less stressed.

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